If you’re looking for an ADU builder in Anaheim who can construct the unit of your specification, you’re in luck. John Christopher Construction has years of experience supporting homeowners to create custom dwelling units on their properties that meet their lifestyle and business goals.

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Moreover, California is making ADU design, permitting and construction more straightforward. New laws have come into effect, giving you more freedom to construct units that serve you.

An ADU (accessory dwelling unit) is a secondary home, office, studio or anything you desire, built on the same lot. People refer to these installations by various names, including casitas, guest houses, cottages, or granny flats.

Once you get new ADU build-out contractors to construct your unit, the sheer amount you can do with it is enormous. For instance, you can build rental units for short-term vacation rentals, guest housing, keeping certain family members separate, or office space.

What Are The Benefits Of Granny Flat Installation and Permitting?

The benefits of building an ADU on your property are substantial. Custom ADU builders can help you design and install properties that meet your needs – whatever they are.

j c construction adu builders city of anaheim framingAdvantages of constructing ADUs include:

  • Providing a regular income if you rent them out to tenants or as short-term vacation rentals
  • Increases in the value of your property over time
  • More privacy for family members, including in-laws, adult children, and older parents
  • Lower overall housing costs for friends and relatives
  • More living space to enjoy

Choose John Christopher Construction As Your Anaheim Guest House Builders

There aren’t many ADU contractors in Anaheim like John Christopher Construction. Working with us brings unique benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

Comprehensive Services

As ADU architects in Anaheim, we provide a holistic end-to-end service for anyone wanting to build an accessory dwelling unit. Instead of going between teams of ADU contractors to get the services you need, you can do it all through us.

j c construction adu builders city of anaheim concreteFor example, you can use us for:

  • New ADU floor plan configurations. Our team can change the layout of your granny flat, giving you more freedom to design the space to your liking.
  • New ADU plumbing installation. You can use us to fit Belfast sinks, power showers, new toilets, and anything else that requires extensive piping.
  • New ADU electrical installation. We can also assist with electrical installation as ADU builders in Orange County. Get us to install the wiring on your new annex without going through the hassle of paying a third-party contractor.
  • New ADU concrete foundation installation. Finally, our team can pour new floors around your new dwelling unit, giving you al fresco living options so you or your guests can enjoy basking in the California sun. We have substantial expertise in pouring concrete that meets your requirements.

Licensed And Insured

Also, all John Christopher Construction team members are licensed and insured, protecting your finances and property.

What ADU Permits Do Homeowners Need In Anaheim?

ADU planning and installation in Anaheim is considerably more straightforward than it used to be. California state authorities recently changed the law to make the process more manageable for residents. Improvements include:

  • Reducing the number of steps involved in the planning application process and cutting down on unnecessary bureaucratic procedures
  • Reducing the number of vehicle spaces required on the property
  • Cutting the permitting costs associated with building an ADU on private property
  • Giving homeowners more leeway to design ADUs that meet their size specifications

John Christopher Construction assists with ADU permits for Anaheim homeowners to make your life easier. To do this, our team guides you through the application process and ensures your planning case is as strong as possible.

How Much Do ADUs Cost?

ADUs start from $200,000 in California, though garage Conversions for more livable space may be less. You can pay cash, remortgage your existing property, or take out a renovation loan. No matter what your credit score is, you almost always have options.

The complexity of your dwelling unit affects the price the most. Naturally, an ADU that’s part of a backyard bungalow installation will cost less than a two-story equivalent. If you want to build a stunning new ADU on your property, call our team at (949) 216-5858.