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Converting garages into rental units has a lot of benefits for the homeowner. One of which is a much improved financial footing. When a space like a garage is converted into a livable unit, the income that can be created is consistent. Unless of course your garage conversion is for a family member like a grandmother. Nevertheless a garage conversion is a lucrative proposition and complies with the California affordable housing laws passed in 2020.

Garage Conversion Rental Income

Garage conversions provide a lower rental option and more affordable housing for tenants with slightly lower income than average. So this allows homeowners to convert the garage into units, which will allow the market to supply more affordable housing in Southern California.

Statistics state that the average cost for a studio rental in Southern California, is somewhere in the area of $2000 a month in Orange County California. This is a huge benefit to you as a homeowner because you don’t have to pay any rent for the space as many commercial property owners do. You already pay for space in terms of the mortgage, so you are actually generating a cash inflow here.

ADU and Garage Conversion Specialists

Garage Conversion SpecialistsIf you are looking for a well organized and functional garage conversion, that can serve as a rental unit in Southern California, then call John Christopher Construction. Custom flooring, electrical, plumbing, specialty organization, storage cabinets, etc. will allow you to provide tenants with a comfortable living space much like an ADU unit which we also provide.

Garage Conversion Investment

Something that surprises most homeowners is that garage conversions can be a lot less expensive than you might be expecting. There are, of course, many variables that will determine the final cost. And you have to bear in mind that you are completely converting the garage into a living space.

So much of this will depend on your conversion type, your garage, and how much construction is going to be needed. For example planning, foundations and framing, plumbing, electricity, and roofing etc – all of these might come into play. And of course, you will be doing it legally and professionally, so what you’re paying for is the highest quality garage conversion, and a long-term income.

The popularity of legally converted garages into rental units in Southern California is on the rise. These smaller, and more efficient spaces, are in demand and could be a gold mine of potential income. So it makes sense to start planning your conversion now.

General Contractors

When it comes to garage conversions, especially ones that you’re having turned into a living space, you need to make sure that the living space is to a livable standard. One of the best things about garage conversions is they give homeowners the freedom to create an incredible area without having to make any changes to the main house or purchase a new piece of land or property in order to rent it out.

You need to work with a company like John Christopher Construction that understand the challenges – and are both professional and experienced.

We understand that budgeting and planning are two of the keys to a successful project. And when it’s related to garage conversion, it requires a lot of knowledge and expertise.

We work with our clients and customers to make sure that they get the highest standard of garage conversion, which is ready for tenants in no time at all.

This is because we are specialized certified general contractors in the following areas:

Garage Conversion Contractors

Our years of expertise means we can take your underutilized garage space and turn it into a high-quality living space suitable to rent out, or a space for friends and family to stay.

There are endless possibilities that you can consider, and when you work with a specialist like John Christopher Construction, the outcome is always going to be fantastic.

So if you are ready to turn your garage into a better and more lucrative space, then talk to John Christopher Construction today. Our team is able to implement the most beautiful designs and materials for your garage in order to turn it into a living space that meets all quality standards.

Our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable staff are ready to answer all your questions when it comes to turning your garage into an income generating affordable living space.

From start to finish you will get quality, incredible customer service, and style.