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It’s our mission to provide budget-friendly, fantastic bathroom finishes that will never let you down. With top Orange County commercial general contractors across the board, we will deliver the bathroom of your dreams, 100% in keeping with your requirements. That way, you can bet that clients will love you a little more once they’ve used your facilities. At home, the whole family will undoubtedly love the change!

Your options for a bathroom remodel

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to consider your options before committing. Luckily, with contractors to suit any need, we’re ready to guarantee the results you’re after. The question is, how exactly do you work out what they are?

Planning every feature of this project, right down to those new bathroom windows, and the new bathroom flooring of your dreams is all part of the fun. This is your shot at bathroom demolition and a total rebuild, after all! Still, the choices on offer can seem daunting when you first embark on the process. The good news is that our contractors will be with you through every step to make sure you’re aware of your choices. Some top bathroom remodeling options worth considering include –

Orange County Customized Bathrooms

  • Customized bathrooms
    Complete with bathroom additions 100% suited to you and a design unlike any out there, customized bathroom remodels are the ideal way to make a statement. If you’re struggling to find inspiration right now, it could be a sure sign that this is the path for you. With customized options, our team will work closely with you to help design one-off furniture, new shower installations unlike any on the market, and bathroom painting that’s guaranteed to stand out.
  • Luxury commercial bathrooms
    Cubicles might be a space-effective office bathroom option, but private commercial bathrooms offer a little something extra. Our team can turn even a bland office bathroom into luxury private toilet rooms, complete with new bathroom wall framing and individual bathroom electrical applications. Stick some potpourri next to your new bathroom sink installations and invest in a luxury handrail, and you can bet this remodel will seal a few deals for you.
  • Wet rooms
    Open plan is a fantastic way to create space and flow within the home, and considering a wet room during your bathroom remodel is a great way to make it happen. With some of the best plumbers in the business on hand to embark on new shower installations and even bathroom repiping as necessary, this is a design we can easily deliver. Given that we’ll already be embarking on bathroom demolition, our team will easily be able to install new bathroom flooring and tiles around an open shower space that changes the face of your bathroom as you know it.

You name it; we can make it happen. Your bathroom wish really is our command!

The John Christopher Construction bathroom remodel process

From the moment you get in contact with our team, we’ll set to work bringing your bathroom to life. While remodeling tasks can typically take anywhere between 30-90 days, our easy access to top contractors means that we can take the pain, and the time, out of remodeling for you.

During the bathroom remodeling process, we’ll take care of –

Orange County Bathroom Remodeling Installs

  • Demolition according to project needs, including removal of rubble/rubbish
  • Bringing a contracted plumber onboard to fix broken pipes and mainline drain clogs. Where necessary, experts will also use a hydro jet that clears drains before embarking on new installations.
  • A contracted electrician to rough-in new bathroom lights/applications
  • Installation of all your new bathroom appliances to the highest possible standards with industry experts and top-quality materials every time.
  • Finishing touches, including laying your flooring, taking care of bathroom painting, and even framing walls as needed for a quality end result.
  • Finally, we’ll clean up so that your bathroom is ready to go with minimal disruption to your business or your life!

Guaranteed bathroom quality every time

You can’t afford to compromise on quality with your bathroom remodel, which is why we promise to provide quality results without fail, all at affordable prices for you. Never again will you have to worry about working with separate contractors who fail to communicate or deliver results on time. Instead, we’re a complete team, with contractors on hand to take care of your commercial or residential bathroom remodel from start to finish.

As well as saving you time and money, the complete package on offer from Coastal Handyman means that you can manage your project across the board. Every step of the way, you’ll have the final say on design choices, installations, and the end result. To make doubly sure you’re happy with how things are progressing, we’ll also keep you on board with regular updates for peace of mind and knowledge that your money is well spent!

With this quality of service on offer, there’s no need to keep struggling with a bathroom that fails to meet your needs. Whether you’re fed up of trying to fit the whole family into a poorly laid out room, or are worried that your bathroom is putting a downer on customer deals, we have the experience and know-how to help you. Simply contact a friendly member of our contractor team on (949) 216-5858 to start discussing your needs today.