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Every successful project begins with a solid plan. At John Christopher Construction, we work with local Architects and designers to provide the perfect plan for each ADU project. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) have become very popular in Southern California, and most people are now familiar with them as they see them appearing in their neighborhood.

The purpose of an ADU is only limited by your imagination. Typical uses are for additional living space for a family member, a “mother-in-law quarters,” “cottage,” or “granny flats.” They can also be extra space for guests, a “Casita” or “guest house.” Some use them as a pool house for changing, showering and an easy-access bathroom. Additional space of a home office, art studio, game room, or fitness room are also potential choices for an ADU.

Another popular purpose is adding a separate unit to your property. ADU plans can call for a separate address and separate utility billing and metering so the unit can be used for rental income. Some properties, such as large corner lots, even have room for a separate driveway or fenced yard for additional parking and living space.

We can help you with your plan and design an ADU that fits your space, your great ideas and fits your budget. We even have several pre-engineered plans ready for your property.


John Christopher Construction are the ADU experts in Orange County. We have been helping homeowners maximize the value of their property for years. We can help you design and build the perfect ADU for your property that fits your desired functionality as an extra space for the family, a second home for income or a space for a home-based business.

Once the design is ready, we can estimate the cost for construction and interior and exterior design features. We will determine a feasible timeline that factors in city planning and permits, electrical, plumbing, water/gas metering, and a timeline for delivery of desired doors, windows, appliances, lighting and other fixtures.

Every property is unique, and we can build the perfect ADU to fit your space. The desired function of the ADU is part of the planning and building process, and we can build the ADU with the features you want.

The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help you through the entire process, from planning to final construction and all of the design and build details in between.

ADU Affordability

Determining the feasibility of an ADU on your property is the first step. Financing options can be explored once a plan and budget are established for your project.

New programs are available in California to help with the housing shortage crisis. You may qualify for an ADU Grant Program from the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA).

John Christopher Construction is not a lender and does not offer direct financing or lending advice. Please consult your financial advisor and a mortgage professional to determine your financing options and eligibility.