Planning a kitchen remodel gives you an exciting opportunity to revamp your home or office. With the chance to expand your kitchen, install a new office eatery or simply rejuvenate outdated appliances and décor, a kitchen remodel can enhance your living and working space.

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However, a kitchen remodel is easy to get wrong without a licensed kitchen contractor. With plumbing, electrical and structural issues to consider, you’ll need to ensure your remodel is functional and practical, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

At John Christopher Construction, we’re committed to providing you with top-quality, budget-friendly kitchen remodel services. Whether you need an office kitchen installed, plumbing modifications or a complete kitchen reconfiguration, our dedicated team can give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Planning a home kitchen remodel

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it should reflect you in every way possible. Having your kitchen remodeled gives you the chance to pick and choose every element of your new space. From the color of your appliances to the style of faucets; you can inject your unique personality into your interior design choices.

In addition to this, a home kitchen reconfiguration can give you much-needed extra space. Whilst traditional homes typically featured a relatively small galley kitchen or kitchenette, the way we use our living spaces has changed over recent years. Now, people generally spend a lot of time in their kitchen and use it as a place to relax with family and friends.

If you want to expand your kitchen and add extra dining or utility space, our highly qualified builders, electricians and plumbers can ensure you make the most of the space available. Whether you want to add an extension to enhance the size of your kitchen, remove internal walls to create a living/dining room or remove unused cabinets to make way for extra seating, we’ll use your design ideas to create the perfect environment.

A home kitchen model doesn’t just involve your kitchen. We can assess the exterior of your property to find ways to enhance the heart of your home. If you want to be closer to nature, for example, a greenhouse kitchen window installation might be the perfect option. As well as allowing extra light into the property, a greenhouse window gives you the ideal place to grow herbs and vegetables, or simply extra shelving to display family photos or statement kitchenware.

Alternatively, why not consider an outdoor kitchen installation? If you have an annex or casita in the backyard, upgrading it with a new kitchen can turn it into a cozy and fully functional living space. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space in the warmer months, an outdoor oven or BBQ can also be a great way to merge your exterior garden with your existing kitchen space.

Whether you’ve got firm design ideas in mind or you need a little inspiration, we’ll be happy to help you plan your kitchen remodel. From finding the right countertops and fitting brand new cabinets to relaying pipework and adding extra electrical sockets, our team of licensed contractors can undertake every aspect of your home kitchen remodel.

Installing an office kitchen

When you work in an office, it’s essential to have adequate cooking and food prep facilities. With most full-time workers spending over 40 hours per week in the office, you’ll need to have access to a fully functional kitchen. Furthermore, you’ll also need running water, effective drainage solutions, and a licensed electrician for electrical modifications.

Whether you’re building a home office in your backyard or managing a large scale office for a number of employees, we can help you to find the right office kitchen design. From space-saving kitchenettes to kitchen break rooms, we’ll ensure your office kitchen installation meets the relevant regulations and provides everything you need.

If you don’t currently have a kitchen in your office, we can install a brand new kitchen area quickly and efficiently. With the relevant electrical modifications, appliance installation can be managed easily. Similarly, if structural concrete needs to be re-laid to facilitate plumbing modifications, our team can manage the entire project. We even offer full demolition and installation, so all types of kitchen upgrades are available!

Perhaps you have an existing office kitchen which is in need of expansion or improvement? If so, our kitchen upgrades can be an efficient way to enhance the functionality and appearance of your current kitchen, without the need for a full reconfiguration.

Our experience ensures we’re able to fully certify any installations or repairs carried out in a workplace. With strict laws governing working environments, we’ll ensure your office kitchen refit exceeds the minimal requirements and provides a safe food preparation area for your staff.

If your business has expanded and you’ve hired more employees, for example, you may need to upgrade the existing kitchen facilities or install a second kitchen to meet the needs of new workers. With endless possibilities, we’ll ensure your office kitchen meets the needs of your business and your staff.

Managing your kitchen remodel

At John Christopher Construction, we understand the importance of working with reliable, professional and licensed contractors. Whether we’re working in your home or your workplace, we’ll take care to ensure your remodel has minimal impact on your day-to-day activities.

In addition to this, we’ll keep you fully updated with how your remodel is progressing, so you’ll know exactly when key appliances will be unavailable. If we need to disconnect the electrics in order to add new wiring, for example, we’ll give you ample notice.

Furthermore, we offer highly competitive pricing to ensure your home or office kitchen revamp meets your needs. With options to suit all budgets, we’ll work with you to design a functional, practical and stunning new kitchen for your home or workplace. Delivering under budget and ahead of time, you won’t find a better service!

With extensive experience in the industry, we’re committed to providing the highest quality commercial and residential kitchen installations and remodels. To find out more or to discuss your design ideas in more detail, contact Coastal Handyman on (949) 216-5858 today.