With a structural concrete contractor, you can extend areas around your home or business to provide additional space, allowing you to get more out of your existing property or premises. John Christopher Construction can help you extend your patios and porches, build awnings onto the current structure, and provide both power and water.

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Foundations And Structural Concrete

Foundations And Structural ConcreteThe reason buildings don’t just fall down is because of the work of structural concrete engineers. At John Christopher Construction, we have the skills and knowledge you need to create new foundations as well as repair existing ones.

A strong foundation is an essential component of any construction, no matter what you’re having done. Structural concrete provides the strength and rigidity you need to support the building that rests on top. It is vital, therefore, for practically any new build.

As structural engineers, we can determine the type of foundations and structural concrete you need, how durable it needs to be, and how it can be made safe. With our help, you can determine the precise type of foundations you need, whatever project you intend to carry out.

John Christopher Construction works in both commercial and residential property. You’ll need our certified foundation services if you plan to build an extension, want to make changes to internal walls, or are considering adding substantial weight to your building such as adding additional floors.

As structural engineers, we’ll collect all the information that we can about your building. We will then consult with your architect (if applicable) to discuss the structural requirements of your building. We’ll take into consideration practically everything that could affect the load on the foundations.

Structural Concrete Contractors For Offices

A commercial concrete contractor is ideal for when you want to remodel or upgrade an office. We can both extend your existing space but also make it more usable.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to want to refit their offices. Fitting out an office with a stylish new theme helps to impress clients and improve the working environment. But finding professionals who can perform all of the essential services you need to get your new office up and running can be difficult. Often you have to go to multiple contractors to get the job done, increasing complexity and creating headaches.

Here at John Christopher Construction, we can take care of a substantial about of the stage-one preparation for you. We can help with electrical upgrades, plumbing upgrades, bathroom additions and break room additions. With our help, you can finally get the comprehensive solution you’ve been waiting for.

Structural Concrete Contractor For Retail

Structural Concrete Contractor For RetailFirms in the retail sector rely on their appearance to attract customers. Stores which offer gleaming entries, balconies and other facilities are much more likely to be successful than those that don’t.

As structural concrete contractors, John Christopher Construction can provide you with the expertise you need to comprehensively revamp your retail facilities and help make your environment more appealing to customers.

With a structural concrete engineer by your side, you can perform remodels from the ground up by changing the format of your existing buildings. There’s no need to make do with the existing layout. With a structural engineer, you can change your current setup in practically any way you like.

Many retail customers choose to alter the layout of their premises to encourage better customer flow and viewing of products. With more space and a better design, you could benefit too.

John Christopher Construction allows you to change the layout of the space while also performing a host of electrical upgrades, plumbing upgrades, bathroom additions, and break room additions. With our help, you can comprehensively transform your retail space from the ground up, rather than papering over problems with temporary solutions.

Structural Concrete Contractor For Tenant Improvement

If you’re a landlord, you rely on having a desirable presentable property to attract high-quality tenants. Landlords that do not offer quality accommodation risk attracting poorer quality tenants who are less likely to keep up with rental payments.

Structural Concrete Contractor For Tenant ImprovementMany landlords choose to use a structural concrete contractor for tenant improvement. Changing the structure of a property allows landlords to improve accommodation from the ground up. The possibilities are endless. You could enhance indoor-outdoor living at your property by extending the patio, or you could make the property more welcoming with a better porch.

Tenant remodels can be essential before new tenants move in. Remodeling a rented property can be great when you want to showcase the quality of your accommodation. It’s also a great marketing opportunity for you to show off the kind of housing you can offer as a landlord. Showcase properties help to attract people to the rest of your portfolio, helping to fill less well-marketed properties.

Finally, John Christopher Construction offer move out demo/repair services. Once a tenant vacates the property, we can move in and begin to perform substantial changes to the structure. With us, you can let your imagination run wild.

Remodel Your Apartment

Remodeling an apartment can be a challenge, but with structural concrete engineers from John Christopher Construction, it’s possible.

You might want an apartment remodel for all kinds of reasons. You may want a bigger or better-designed kitchen or bathroom or to improve your patio. Whatever it is that you want, here at John Christopher Construction we can provide.

We offer a range of kitchen remodel, and bathroom remodel services, as well as complete remodel. With our full remodel service, you can utterly transform your living space and finally enjoy the kind of lifestyle you want. Remember, as structural concrete contractors there’s practically no space that we can’t convert. The shell of your building no longer limits you. You can change it in almost any way you want.

At John Christopher Construction, we’ll discuss all your apartment remodel options with you. We’ll show you what’s possible and show you our portfolio of apartment remodels. With us, you have the opportunity to change your living space fundamentally. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to find out more.