A trustworthy commercial drywall contractor is essential when you are planning any structural changes to the interior or even the exterior of your property. John Christopher Construction are your reliable, local commercial drywall contractors, here for you when your business is looking for contractors with the right level of expertise. We put care and attention into all of our projects, using our experience and expertise to complete every project to a high standard. Here’s how we can help you with your commercial drywall requirements.

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Commercial Drywall Contractors

John Christopher Construction are dedicated to helping your project to go as smoothly as possible. As experts in a wide range of skills, we provide drywall contracting services to meet all of your needs, from demolition to repair and new wall installation. All of our work has a warranty of a year to reassure you that we are willing to stand behind the quality of our work. If there happen to be any problems, we will repair it at no cost to you. We’re upfront and transparent about everything from our pricing to how we carry out our work, and we expect nothing but the best from our workers when they are completing your project.

Office Remodel

Drywall Office RemodelOur drywall services can help you with your office remodel and business remodels. Remodeling your office can bring you a number of benefits, helping you to make it more suited to your brand, raise morale and create a more productive working environment. Our drywall contractors can help you with floor plan reconfiguration if you want to redesign your office to make more of the space that you have available. When you have an interior design project to carry out, we help to make everything easier by providing a reliable service that takes care of all of your requirements. With our range of other services, we can take care of everything for you.

Retail Remodel

Retail businesses requiring commercial contractors can benefit from working with John Christopher Construction. We have worked with a number of retail businesses to help them achieve their goals and complete projects of different sizes. We can help with new wall configuration and drywall inspiration, among a range of other services. Getting your retail space open as quickly as possible is essential, whether you’re renovating or opening for the first time, but ensuring good quality retail remodel is also vital. We can make sure that you are able to open your business as soon as possible, or possibly keep it open in some cases, while delivering quality work that you can rely on. Ensure safe construction and excellent interior design for your retail business when you work with us.

Commercial Rental Improvement

Our services and projects include providing drywall for property managers who may be looking for assistance with commercial apartment remodel. When you are renting out your space to tenants, you want to provide them with everything that they might require so that you can offer the most profitable spaces. We focus on delivering quality work that ensures safety for you and all of your tenants, and helps you to market your rental spaces as the best that potential tenants can possibly choose. With our commercial handyman services and drywall installation, we can make alterations or deliver projects for completely new units. We know you don’t want your commercial spaces to be out of commission for too long, so we work with you to stick to a timeline and budget that suits you.

Installing New Walls

Installing New WallsWhen you need new wall installation services, John Christopher Construction can help. Our commercial drywall installation experts get everything in place for you, no matter what your requirements. We help with everything from building reconfiguration to smaller projects that require new drywall. Installing new drywall shouldn’t be difficult, and it should be top quality to reflect the image that you want to present to your tenants or to your customers. When you choose us as your contractors, you can be sure that every wall we install will be to your specifications and will meet all of your needs.

Interior Demolition

If you need assistance with interior demolition, our contractors will use their expertise to carry it out safely and efficiently. Demolition is often required for drywall when reconfiguring a commercial space. It might be followed by the installation of new walls, or it could make way for new space and new ways to use commercial property. When you choose John Christopher Construction as your Orange Country drywall contractors, we can take care of both demolition and any installation of new walls as part of the design of your new office, retail or other commercial space.

Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair ServiceOur expert contractors can carry out a range of services, including the repair of drywall when it’s needed. Drywall doesn’t always need to be removed or replaced if you are having problems with it. Repair can help to save money and preserve the drywall that is already there. When you have drywall that has been damaged or is deteriorating, we can help you with repairs to preserve the structure that is already existing. Let us help with drywall for facilities managers and property owners for all commercial property.

Our Other Services

We have a wide range of other services to help you with your commercial property. When you’re looking for an Orange County interior office contractor, you can turn to us to provide you with all of the services that you require. We can do everything from design to installation of new concrete flooring, plumbing, electrical tasks, and much more. We offer the complete package for projects that are both large and small so that you can achieve the goals that you have for your commercial property. Just get in touch to ask us about how we can help you with drywall or with any other commercial property needs.