Are you thinking about adding an additional dwelling space to your property? New local and state laws are making this easier than ever in California and we’re here to help. As professional ADU residential general contractors, we can ensure that the work is completed to a high standard and does match your individual specifications.

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While the law changes do ensure that there is less red tape, you will still need the right experts by your side for additional dwelling units and that’s where we come in. You’ll be amazed at how we can bring your granny flat, tiny home or casita installation from the initial design to a fully completed project.

Tiny Home Installation Explained

Also known as multi-dwelling units, ADUs are smaller units that are completely self-contained. However, they will still be located on the lot for an existing family. There is a wide range of different ADUs for you to consider. These include:

Multi-Dwelling Units Contractors

  • Detached tiny houses
  • Attached garages
  • Repurposed basements

While each option is different they do have similarities. To gain the best results and ensure that you benefit they must be completed to a high standard of quality. We have years of experience in this area and we operate as licensed plumbing, electrical and construction contractors as well as drywall and framing contractors on your property.

It is important to note that the restrictions and requirements for a prefab casita installation may differ depending on the area. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you let a professional take care of the work for you.

Benefit From Additional Dwelling Unit Installation

Before you start exploring MDU contractors, it’s worth considering the benefits that this type of structure could bring to your property. There are actually quite a few to consider. Most people choose a prefab tiny home installation because it does add value. When completed the right way, a casita installation will always be viewed as a tremendous asset. Particularly for new buyers.

Ultimately, a space like this can have a lot of potential for a buyer. They may choose to use it as a guest house or even a separate office from the main property. Alternatively, it can be used as a place for elderly parents to live. This is a tremendous opportunity because it offers a cheap housing option that still delivers the level of independence that they desire. It’s certainly a more appealing choice than a residential care home where they will be away from the rest of the family.

Choose John Christopher Construction

The clue is in our name, we are the pros you need for a prefab tiny home installation. Particularly, if you want something like a casita installation included in the plans. We have worked on numerous projects like this before and that’s why we are confident we will be able to provide the full solution that you need.

Orange County ContractorsAs well as this, we are licensed professionals in all trades. That means that rather than hiring separate framing contractors and concrete contractors for your job, you can get the full solution that you need from one company. A key benefit here is that you can cut costs. We also ensure that when working as roofing contractors, we strive to keep our costs under control. We can then pass the savings onto you! Our aim is to ensure that everyone can afford to build their dream ADU.

Furthermore, we’ll ensure that we install and complete the project based on your deadline and unique specifications. You might require the work of flooring contractors to be completed by a certain point in time. We’ll ensure that this does happen and that your project doesn’t drag on.

However, we will also strive to guarantee that you get the quality you need. If you’re looking to add value with your ADU, then a high-quality final result is always going to be key. You need to ensure that it looks incredible and will remain as durable as the original home.

We also strive to deliver a completely transparent solution. As licensed contractors, we will always keep you informed on all the processes of your project. We’ll inform you when the installation will be completed and guarantee that you are kept in the loop on all decisions.

At John Christopher Construction we also work hard to deliver a service with a smile. We’re only a phone call away and always willing to address concerns.

Electrical for ADUs

There is a wide range of points to consider. First, you need to think about the extent of the work required for your ADU. Some ADUs will require electrical contractors while others will need painting contractors. In most cases, you will need experts in all the right fields to ensure that the installation is completed the right way with no issues.

You also need to think about the budget that you’re working with. It’s important that the cost does not spiral out of control. We can help there too and will work to complete the installation within your set budget. We will also ensure that there are no hidden fees that you need to be concerned with. The price we quote for your installation is the one that you will pay and that’s our ultimate goal.

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