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Adding to your home in Fountain Valley with an ADU can allow you to reach your properties full potential. Whether you need to increase the square footage of the existing property or you want to add a standalone building and need the accessory dwelling unit to have a different primary function, or become another home on the property, we can help you.

Custom ADU Builders

What you need from your home and, indeed, your new ADU construction will be custom according to your lifestyle and needs. We are here to talk you through what happens when you decide to add an additional unit to your property to either extend your livable space or add an extra building.

ADU Architects

Our custom ADU architects will work with your specifications and then create a custom build that maximizes the available space and gives you a new ADU floor plan configuration that will do exactly what you need it to. We can offer this for both existing units or new builds.

We take your ideas and needs for the ADU and look at how we can offer homeowners in Fountain Valley value for money with everything they need from their investment.

j c construction adu builders city of fountain valley designersADU Designers

Once we have the plans in place, our designers will consider every aspect of the build to create a uniquely beautiful and functional ADU that realizes your vision and complements your existing home. We take your end goals and create an ADU encompassing your requirements.

Our designers will meticulously transform your ADU and use their knowledge and experience to combine flooring, materials, lighting, and decor options that meet your taste and complete the transformation.

ADU Construction

Moving onto the build stage, our experienced and highly skilled builders will take care of everything in-house, so you don’t need to worry about bringing in custom ADU contractors. We take care of the new ADU concrete foundation installation, the electrical and plumbing work, and more, so you know that when you work with us, you only work with us. You can rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering high standards across the board for an exemplary finish.

ADU Permits for Fountain Valley homeowners

j c construction adu builders city of Fountain Valley designAre you concerned about your ADU planning and ADU permits associated with adding a new building to your property to extend your home? Navigating zoning requirements and obtaining permits can be tricky, but we know the industry and will act on your behalf to not only identify the correct regulations that might affect the scope of the work you are able to carry out but also ensure we meet all the coding requirements too.

We will work closely with you to ensure your ADU has the right permits in place and that all regulatory criteria are met at every step of the way. We stay on top of changes in regulations pertaining to ADU builds in Fountain Valley as well as the application process giving us more insight into the type of plans likely to be given the go-ahead or rejected prior to starting work so you can be confident your plans tick all the boxes.

Once the build is complete, we will arrange a full inspection from the city so you can be confident that all of our work is up to code and not only meets expectations but exceeds them, too.

Your ADU Builder Pros

Still on the fence about contacting our ADU experts or adding to your property? An ADU can bring many benefits to you and your home, including.

  • An additional income stream via adding a self-contained rental property for a permanent resident or vacation rentals.
  • A guest house to host family and friends.
  • An office, home gym, and child’s playroom separate from your main abode to improve your home-work life and quality of life.
  • A backyard bungalow or granny flat for permanent residents, i.e., senior family members.
  • A home spa or medical suite to treat health conditions.
  • Storage for personal or business reasons to free up space within your main home.

Your ADU can add value to your property, increase the flexibility of living options, and allow you to create a home that meets all of our needs, so you don’t need to look at relocating elsewhere from Fountain Valley. Especially if you’re seeking a garage conversion.

What We Can Offer You

j c construction adu builders city of fountain valley prosWorking with a leading ADU builder in Fountain Valley means you will receive tailored advice for your project and can consult with our team to help you make informed decisions and choices to create the perfect ADU.

Our team will carry out comprehensive assessments based on your preferences and goals, to allow them to make accurate recommendations using your requirements and their knowledge of the sector.

From here, we will evaluate your property to determine its suitability for the scope of the work planned. We consider lot size, zoning regulations, and infrastructure to assess the feasibility of the project as well as adherence to all related codes and requirements as set out by the State Of California.

When working with John Christopher Construction for your ADU in Fountain Valley, you can benefit from a wealth of experienced insider knowledge that will elevate your experience from the initial consultation to the completed work.

We will lean on our experience of many previously successful ADU-related tasks and builds to help us guide you in the right direction and offer you unparalleled service and quality. We understand that each homeowner is different, and our design process allows us to create a perfectly custom ADU that delivers a highly personalized experience regardless of the end result.

Our dedication to quality and meticulous approach to each and every task means we will not only deliver on your goals but exceed expectations thanks to superb craftsmanship and effective communication in our pursuit of excellence.

Your experience with us from concept to completion is something we take seriously, and we strive to provide excellent customer service from start to finish.

To find out more about what to expect from ADU contractors, contact us today to book your consultation.