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ADU Contractors

New local and State laws mean that it’s easier than ever to get permission to add on an additional dwelling unit to your property. Our turnkey service means that we’ll take care of the entire process from ordering to completion and assist in obtaining all the necessary permits. Take advantage of our custom construction to bring to life quality design and unique options from an ADU contractor Orange County.

ADU Installation

ADU Units (sometimes also known as multi-dwelling units) are fully self-contained units that are installed on existing plots, usually in backyards and provide an exciting and innovative means to create more living space, without breaking the bank with our rough carpentry contractors.

Our unique custom construction means that you get the benefit of tailoring your ADU to exacting standards and with industry-leading quality and budget conscious pricing, your solution to Mom and Dad moving in with you, or an ever-growing family is much, much closer than you think. Not to mention additional monthly revenue as a rental unit.

PREFAB ADU Installation

These units are perfect for both residential and commercial use and are absolutely ideal for onsite or satellite offices. There’s a vast range of options that can work within exacting standards. Ever thought about building your own home and you have the land but you don’t have alternative accommodations while your dream house is being built? The solution, provided.

Backyard ADU Installation

Backyard ADU InstallationThe potential uses for a backyard ADU are as varied and unique as you are and it’s a great time to look at investing in one. Backyard ADUs have multiple use potential – ever thought of turning your home into an Airbnb or monthly rental unit? Or, you might have college-going offspring that still need a little help from mom and dad. Benefit from custom construction, framing contractors, plumbing painting and more, and – you’ll be instantly increasing the value of your home and property.

Backyard Bungalows

Literally small houses right on your property, backyard bungalows can range anywhere from 400 square feet to upwards of 1500, the potential is only limited by your imagination and with budget-conscious, custom-designed solutions at your fingertips, it’s time you gave John Christopher Construction a call.

Modular Home Installation

Not to be confused with mobile homes, modular homes are built indoors and delivered to customers bursting with all the made-to-order, custom construction you could want or need. If you’re a potential homeowner that dreams of a home built around you, the applications and solutions of a modular are amazing. If you have to take special needs families into consideration, or you want to build a home that works for ageing parents or you just need room to breathe, we’ve got this.

Best Accessory Dwelling Unit

It doesn’t matter if you need a “granny flat”, a home office, a site office, a community centre, commercial realization, onsite or satellite offices, temporary accommodation or more, if you can dream it, we’ll deliver it, custom construct it, provide custom framing, concrete flooring and so much more. You’ll instantly be adding huge potential to existing properties and from an investment perspective, adding tens of thousands of dollars worth of value to your home.

ADU Builder

You’re going to love the scope and unleashed potential the additional space can provide you, virtually overnight. We leave nothing to chance and design and build your units and spaces around you, to order and we deliver on time, every time.

If you need to generate additional income or start making provisions for passive income into your retirement, our professional and personal service has you covered. Adding an annex onto your home? Done. Designing, building and installing a daycare centre for your business? Done. Rest assured our ADU builders are experienced and ready to begin.

ADU Installation Tiny Prefab House

Tiny Prefab House

Less maintenance, less cost and less energy use. These tiny homes are perfect if you’re just starting out in property or if you want to start diversifying your property acquisitions on a budget. Guesthouses, student accommodation or an exciting way to downsize and make your dollars keep working for you.

Granny Annexe

So Grandma’s coming to stay and you’re completely sold on sharing your space? Or, you have a growing family and space is limited, or Grandma is still independent and wants her own space? Grandma (or Grandpa for that matter) will benefit from our extensive solutions in custom construction, custom framing and drywall installation as well as our expert concrete contractors, plumbers and painters. Welcome, Home!

Granny Flat

For a completely self-standing and self-contained unit, the options for creating the perfect palace for Grandma are endless and you’ll be so glad that you did. This option is especially perfect for making sure you keep your loved ones close without having to take on the expense of a whole new property.

Garage Conversions

Man Cave? MOM Cave? Artists Studio? Student Loft Accommodation? Rental Unit? If you really want to experience what custom construction and unique contracting services can provide for you throughout Southern California, then your quest is ended with garage conversions. We will convert your current garage into a space from your wildest imaginations with expertly designed and installed custom options that will please the most discerning palate. Our team of licensed general contractors will turn your garage into the ideal work from home space to budget proof the most demanding accountant.

Southern California is blessed with outstanding weather and picture-perfect locations, and many potential options when it comes to your contracting wish list. So it pays to make the right choice and when you’re making that decision, we’ll be on hand to guide you along with the best possible solutions in Huntington Beach, Huntington Harbour, Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, Lido Island, Balboa Peninsula, Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, and all of Southern California.