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Whether you are seeking an ADU for home and office purposes or thinking about a garage conversion, we are the ADU Pros that will take care of everything from permitting to finishing.

What Is An ADU Permit?

Orange County ADU PermitsADU stands for an accessory dwelling unit, which can be anything from a garage to a backyard office. Building such dwellings requires expert assistance such as ADU architects and contractors to guarantee safe and legal results.

Any granny flat, for example, added to a property requires an ADU permit, which enables you to go ahead with the project once accepted.

To be accepted for an ADU permit, you will be required to offer a blueprint of the project, floor plans, zoning maps, and confirmed contractors to assist with the building. With these in hand, you can go ahead and apply for a permit. California laws have made this very easy considering ADUs are new affordable living developments in Orange County.

After your ADU permit has been approved, you will need to work closely with your contractor to ensure your vision is fulfilled and the result aligns with the permit.

Why Do I Need An ADU Permit?

The crucial reason to obtain an ADU permit is so that your building is legal. An ADU permit ensures everyone is safe from yourself to the contractors.

Seeking support from an ADU contractor in Orange County will ensure your backyard bungalows installation or other floor plan configurations can go ahead safely. They will ensure to help you obtain a permit for your project to go ahead.

What Can I Build With An ADU Permit?

Orange County ADU PermitsThere are various projects you can pursue with an ADU permit under your belt. Once your prefab ADU installation and permitting measures are in place, you can go ahead and build:

  • Single standalone buildings. Should you wish to build a garage or home office that isn’t attached to your house, you can do so with the permit.
  • A conversion. If you wish to convert a section of your home, you will be required to have the permit and residential general contractors for ADU installation so that the final result is safe and legal. You could convert your current office into a garage or your living room into a home office.
  • An extra addition to the home. If you wish to add more space to your home, you can do so with an ADU permit. You could build a separate living space for children or create a granny flat for loved ones.

Things To Consider Before Building An ADU In Orange County

Before you go ahead with your ADU project, you need to consider a few things.

Can you build on your property?
You need to know whether you can build on your property before you bother with designs and applying for a permit.

The best people to speak to are the local department that assesses planning permissions.

Who will you hire?
To build an ADU, you will be required to hire the right people. When applying for your ADU permit, you will be required to hand over the name/company of the ADU contractor.

Choosing the right architects will assist with design while a general contractor will offer the building services. Licensed general contractors for ADU permits are best to hire for legal and safe results.
How much will an ADU cost?
The overall cost of an ADU is not simply the building and materials itself. You will need to pay for a permit, design mock-ups, final floor plans, general contractor labor, and more.

If you are converting a space, it might cost less due to needing fewer materials. Hence, adding an addition to your home can cost more. The price varies depending on the size and extent of your ADU project.

ADU Permits for ADU construction from the ground up in Orange CountyFor instance, if you are only adding a few feet to your property or converting an existing space, it could cost around $50,000. Whereas adding a large extension or addition to your home could cost up to $250,000. Sometimes, ADU construction from the ground up could cost more.

An ADU can cost as much as you wish it to, depending on your property desires and budget.

An ADU is a worthwhile investment as it will guarantee to increase the value of your home. The return on investment will pay off, even if you sell far in the future.

For the future sale of your home, it is required to have an ADU permit. Without it, future buyers might not be interested due to a lack of safety and you might experience fines.

Why Choose Us As Your ADU Contractors?

Although the ADU permit is the most important part of the ADU project, choosing the right general contractors is another crucial part.

We can assist with commercial general contractors for ADU design as well as the building work itself.

We will guarantee to work with you to bring your vision to life and align with permit rules. Using our services, you can guarantee the best results for your conversion, extension, or addition. You will not be unsatisfied with our results and expertise.

Seeing as you will be required to hire general contractors for the ADU permit application, we will work alongside you to maximize the chance of acceptance. With years of experience, we know what it takes for the law to accept your ADU project plans. We will assist with everything from design and floor plans to the final outcome.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the future of your home and your ADU plans.