John Christopher Construction’s team of ADU builders serving home and property owners in Tustin, and we make your accessory dwelling unit goals come true. Our experienced custom ADU builders in California can help you construct them on your property while assisting with permitting. Not to mention our custom ADU builds are equivalent to prefabricated and modular costs.

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People also call them granny flats, backyard cottages, guest houses, and even “mother-in-law” units. ADUs are more versatile than you might imagine. While you can use them to house older relatives, they are also ideal for providing guest space for visitors, home offices, and Airbnb rentals.

New California laws give home and property owners the right to build ADUs along with great financial benefits. ADU planning, permitting and installation in Tustin supports this legal mandate.

Why Choose John Christopher Construction To Construct Your ADU

As Tustin guest house builders, John Christopher Construction is ideally suited to becoming ADU contractors on your property. Here’s why.

Fully Licenced And Insured

Our new ADU build-out contractors are fully licensed and insured to work on your property. Team members have all the certifications and cover they require to do the job safely and effectively without putting you or your finances at risk.

Comprehensive Service

Our ADU contractors in Tustin can also provide an end-to-end service, supporting you from permitting to construction. This approach minimizes administration at your end while enabling us to improve planning and logistics surrounding the build. Be sure to view our reviews!

j c construction adu builders city of tustin concreteAll The Services You Need

John Christopher Construction has experience in ADU design and installation.

  • New ADU floor plan configurations. Our ADU pros can help you configure your property’s layout for optimal enjoyment.
  • New ADU plumbing installation. We can also fit your pipes – perfect for any bathrooms or showers you want to install.
  • New ADU electrical installation. Our team works safely with electrical installations, delivering the highest quality services.
  • New ADU concrete foundation installation. Our structural concrete extends the area around your ADU installation, providing outdoor spaces for you to enjoy.

How Much Do Trustin ADUs Cost, And How Should You Pay For Them?

The cost of granny flat installation and permitting varies, depending on project scope, size, and location. However, most ADUs start at $150,000 and go up from there. Prefabbed options are available, but most owners prefer to begin from scratch, getting ADU architects in Tustin to design something that meets their needs.

ADUs are fixed assets, so interest rates on loans tend to be relatively modest. Renting them out can start making most owners money within a couple of months.

The price varies depending on the type of accommodation you want. For instance, garage conversions for more livable space are inexpensive because the basic structure is already present. Similarly, backyard ADU installation is often more affordable than building over two stories.

Changes To Tustin ADU Permits

Fortunately, state laws in California are making it more straightforward for ADU builders in Orange County to construct new units. The idea is to improve affordability and encourage more people to develop dwellings on their properties for income-generating purposes or to look after family.

New laws offer various improvements, including:

  • Simplification of the approval process, allowing homeowners to avoid some of the unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles that existed in the past
  • Higher limits on the permitted size of ADUs so people living in them can have more space
  • Lower parking requirements for vehicles on properties with ADUs
  • Lower permitting fees with simplified payment processes

John Christopher Construction can assist with the permitting process and provide details on the ADU types California now lets you construct. More options are available than ever before. Getting ADU Permits for Tustin homeowners is our top priority on every project.

j c construction adu builders city of tustin framingDo ADUs Increase Property Values?

Evidence suggests that ADUs can increase property values significantly. Some estimates predict granny flats add between $200,000 and $500,000 to the selling price because of the convenience they offer buyers.

Furthermore, these values can rise even more as properties appreciate over time. Hence, building an ADU is a real investment.

Build An ADU With John Christopher Construction Today

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