Quite simply every merchant must regularly renew their store in this ultra-competitive commercial world which is forever advancing and upgrading itself. Renovation helps keep your entity fresh, it ensures the brand’s good reputation and simply attracts customers more easily. As with any work, it is important to carry out a diagnosis beforehand and to refine your project, being accompanied by a specialist in-store layout. This is even more true in the refurbishment of the store: it is a site that will then allow the public to be welcomed, it is, therefore, preferable to call on design offices specializing in-store layout or office space contractors.

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We endeavor to create an impressive aesthetic, with a plethora of functionality and the “wow factor”. We like to think that our skills go beyond simple work: in addition to following and adapting the allure of current trends, we adapt universally, according to the necessary relationship between customers and products. Your vision can be optimized by our retail store general contractors, to create custom furnishings and offer you upstream services such as a graphic perspective of your future commercial premises beforehand. Recently our work for Scuba.com saw our commercial general contractors create an impeccable turnaround in the design; creating a modern fresh look with our impeccable storefront remodel services. Not only is your store a public space which beckons plenty of footfall, but it is also an office space, therefore no stone is left unturned with our remodel office space services. We created an accessible space for all which inspires and impresses.

A fresh look for your store

At Scuba.com in Newport Beach, California, our business remodel contractors undertook the task of remodeling their store. The store, primarily selling water sports products, needed a new edge that made the shopping experience both fruitful and pleasant. From tip to toe, there is a deluge of exquisite designs, from luxury vinyl flooring to glass windows which add both light and ambiance to the store. In the initial overview, the commercial doors are large glass panels with silver hardware. This look boasts not only an inviting aspect but allows customers to see the contents before they enter. We work with you to create the best commercial entrance to your store.

A central island made of glass creates a focal point that can be seen as you enter the premises. Here you will find staff members, which instantly creates a connection between staff and shoppers. With the use of Stained Butcher block countertops, the use of natural yet sturdy materials adds charm and sophistication to this remodel. The layout plays a major role in the way in which customers find products and browse aisles to provide you with a higher sales outcome. Therefore, encouragement to peruse in an open and airy space will undoubtedly bring added benefits. The playful element of glass provides further enlightenment, and we added glass windows above the office.

Store Remodeling Newport Beach California

The walls

We offer a range of different materials that offer a new aesthetic to each space depending on the brand’s needs and visions. Here, at Scuba, we focused on a clean aesthetic with horizontal wooden slats. The slat wall offers superlative versatility and a clean look. It can be easily adapted if you wish to add further shelving, and allows you to play with space. We added creamy white walls to complete the look which again draws optimum light to the areas and darker spaces. Steel stud framing walls can be used for added stability, and thanks to their durability and lightweight frames, they are perfect to work alongside commercial Drywall installation, which is something that we proudly offer in our remodeling services. With the implementation of strong walls, you must also consider where you wish your electrical lighting, switch, and outlets to be; in this case, we kept them safe and discrete. The painting of walls and ceiling denotes how we first observe the space. Impeccable painting is of utmost importance; quality painting services can make or break the finished look. This is why we work with quality products and contractors to ensure a smooth, sleek finish time after time.

Any store needs to create spacious and easily accessible dressing rooms. We offered dressing rooms with mirrors and a Stained butcher block bench top. Durable and stylish, complemented by the delightful blue artwork above. Oftentimes, the smaller touches are what complete any remodel, and thankfully we are always on hand to discuss this from start to finish with you.


Store Remodel Newport Beach CaliforniaDuring our Scuba remodel, we opted for light, easy-to-manage floors. Hard-wearing vinyl floors are easy to clean and maintain and Luxury vinyl flooring (commercial flooring installation), brings an added element of opulence to space, without overpowering shoppers. You may feel that customers pay little to no attention to floors, but it can often make or break a store if not properly implemented. With a Commercial Demo floor, you can create the space in the way you envisioned it. Luxury vinyl flooring (commercial flooring installation). Our light smoky gray tones look delightful at Scuba.

The shelving

Storage in any shop is of paramount importance. Safe secure shelving that also boasts a pleasant aesthetic is important. Here at Scuba, we used Steel pipe Shelving, an enduring material that withholds a lot of weight. In any store, this is an important element; therefore we will gladly talk through all options to ensure that you are creating a secure store that also matches your style.

The additional extras

In a remodeling service, no stone is left unturned. If you utilize customer toilets, you must ensure they are safe, clean, and secure. Toilets and sinks for bathroom spaces add an attractive quality that won’t go unnoticed. A break room Kitchenette for staff will allow them to return to work feeling refreshed having relaxed in a modern and spacious setting. A store remodel is much more than changing the aesthetic; it is both changing its functionality, its ambiance and improving customer relationships in the process. For more information on how we can turn your store remodel dream into a reality, please contact us today or visit our website – coastalhandymanpros.com.