Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) bring multiple benefits to your home, and recent changes to California law give homeowners even more incentive to explore their options. The best ADU contractors Los Angeles has to offer are just a phone call away, so get in touch with John Christopher Construction today to find out how our ADU Contractors can help you!

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ADU Builder in Los Angeles

We understand ADU planning and Installation in Los Angeles can be overwhelming and even confusing for our customers, so our custom ADU builders are ready to answer the call and prove why we are considered the finest custom ADU architects in Los Angeles for all your ADU needs.

Our team is experienced, professional, and possesses exceptional attention to detail that guarantees a job well done. Our ADU service covers a range of fantastic opportunities for you to take your property to the next level and we can assess your property to determine which ADU build would be best for your needs and situation.

jc construction adu options los angelesWhat Are Your ADU Options?

The John Christopher Construction team is highly skilled and capable of contributing to various ADU builds. Your ADU can be anything you want, including tiny homes, new home builds, additions and extensions, and above-the-garage ADU construction. But that’s not all.

We also offer:

With so many options, you can be confident that you can make the most out of your home and reap the lifestyle and even financial benefits.

How Can You Benefit From ADU Design?

New California laws state that homeowners and property developers can benefit from installing additional living spaces to their existing property with ADU permits for Los Angeles homeowners. If this sounds like something you’d like to get involved with, keep reading to learn more.

Los Angeles ADU permits

These recently passed laws are AB-68 and SB-13 and contain new zoning codes that make ADUs and garage conversions more accessible than ever. John Christopher Construction is the answer to your ADU installation so you get more from your property.

adu increased home value los angelesIncreased Home Value

Extra space always means more value for your property, especially if your ADU offers a new function, such as an additional bedroom or space for a home office or gym.

More Space

The extra space can also hugely benefit your living situation. It can provide privacy for your growing kids, offer multi-generational living options for your parents or grandparents, or even benefit the environment by eliminating the need for new constructions that could take up too much space on your property.

Rental Opportunities

Your ADU can also provide rental opportunities. These opportunities can be long-term stays for tenants or short-term options for vacation guests and visitors, especially in a popular spot like California!


Your ADU can be whatever you want, which adds crucial flexibility to your home and gives you more options for larger households.

Why Choose Us?

adu builders concrete los angelesJohn Christopher Construction is happy to be your new ADU build out contractors. As a team of ADU Experts, we possess all the tools required to complete a professional and satisfying job. Our team is fully equipped to handle a wide range of design, development, and construction demands to guarantee happy customers. Our ADU planning and construction service includes:

  • New ADU Floor Plan Configurations
  • New ADU Plumbing Installation
  • New ADU Electrical Installation
  • New ADU Concrete Foundation Installation

This all-in-one approach means we are with you from the first contact to the final step. We believe this approach is the best way to guarantee a successful project and ensure everyone knows what to expect. You can rely on John Christopher Construction to handle everything you need and even make adjustments during the project if necessary. We’re at your service and are happy to do whatever it takes to make your ADU project a success.

What Our Customers Say

John Christopher Construction has a vast history of impressing our clients and the reviews speak for themselves. Our team is happy to step in and complete your ADU build without any headaches and provide a reliable service that prioritizes communication, quality, and respect for your property.

We are also happy to answer any questions you have during the process so you stay in the loop and can stay up-to-date on every development, giving you the peace of mind that we will complete the work to your high standards.

ADU Builders Los Angeles

Whatever your ADU needs, from Los Angeles guest house builders to build-outs, Granny flats, and more, trust John Christopher Construction to get the job done the right way. Contact the team at (949) 216-5858 to learn more and join our roster of happy customers.