We have years of experience when it comes to working with store owners, business owners, commercial property owners, landlords, hospitality industry clients, and more. Our services include everything from providing flooring, painting, and concrete installation to complete remodels and rehabilitation, including electrical and plumbing.

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Our experienced team is able to help with commercial remodels and improvements of all kinds. We have licensed general contractors on our team who are experienced with all manners of property improvement, from architectural construction to new wall framing and more. Furthermore, we work with some of the best suppliers in the area on a regular basis, meaning we can install a range of high-quality products at the best rates.

John Christopher Construction is here to provide the cost-effective and high-quality commercial improvements that our business clients need. Read on to learn more about the kind of projects we take on, as well as the specific services we can provide.

Storefront renovations

Storefront renovationsFor many businesses the storefront is more than just the premises of the business, it plays a key part in marketing the business and helping customers feel comfortable while they’re shopping. As such, it’s worth investing in a quality storefront renovations and our designers and renovators can help you create that. This includes providing the shop windows and doors that frame your establishment and offer it some much-needed curb appeal, as well as improvements and remodels of the interior layout. Aside from meeting the aesthetic needs for a gorgeous storefront, we always ensure that practicality is chief amongst our concerns as well, with a focus on durability and easy maintenance for many of our installations.

Rental Renovations

Landlords and rental property owners are some of our most frequent clients and, as such, we have become experienced in rental renovations of all kinds. This includes tenant improvements, helping you invest in things like bathroom and kitchen remodels to keep your rental property as effective and competitive in the market as it can be. Our rental property rehabilitation also takes a closer look at helping to rejuvenate properties that have lost their luster over time, whether it’s due to general wear and tear or because of misuse by tenants. Whether you want us to take care of one property or perform a range of rental renovations, we have the manpower and experience to handle all manner of tenant improvement jobs.

Hotel Remodels

Hotel RemodelsThe standards for quality in the hospitality industry are high. As such, when you have any issues affecting your hotel rooms, or shared areas like the lobby or kitchen, then you want to be taken care of as quickly as possible. Our hotel renovation services can include full interior and exterior remodeling, with services such as brand new drywall installation, flooring replacement, and more. We also pride ourselves on our ability to focus on the smaller details. As such, things that contractors might normally miss, such as cupboards and drawers, faucets, light switches, and other fixtures are all given the kind of attention that you need to make sure that your hotel maintains the brand look and feel that your guests have come to expect.

Office Space Renovations

Your office space needs to suit the needs of a wide range of people, making sure that it can provide a practical working place for your team, while also establishing the kind of environment that helps them stay productive and motivated while they work. As such, we can offer a wide range of office space renovations. This can include configuring your floor plan to make sure that your team works together in a way that allows them both the benefits of open space communication and the privacy that they need to better focus on their work. Our interior design contracting can ensure that your brand and the desired atmosphere is preserved throughout, as well.

Architectural Construction

Our team can do a lot more than simply remodeling existing properties as well. We can help with all parts of the architectural construction process, including planning, permitting, design, and carrying out the construction itself. Our comprehensive services can help you establish the architectural construction that best suits your needs, including wall framing, structural concrete work, flooring installation, and the complete layout modeling for any of the interior spaces built along the way. Finding a team of commercial business remodel contractors that can also help with all manner of architectural construction efforts is rare, to say the least. But that’s precisely what you get with John Christopher Construction.

Getting into the specifics

The above services look at some of the project types and client areas that we serve. However, we believe in attention to detail, so here are a few examples of what our services can actually include, as well:

  • Commercial drywall contractors including repairing and installing new drywall as quickly as efficiently as possible. Our dry walls services also include complete interior demolition and drywall replacement.
  • Commercial painters that can take care of any repainting that you need, choosing the right paints based on the surface material and what needs you have.
  • Commercial flooring to help you choose the type of flooring that best fits your commercial property, be it carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, or something else entirely. We can supply it, measure it, and fit it.
  • Commercial electrician services from licensed contractors that can include installing and maintaining a range of devices, helping your wiring suit any new remodel.
  • Commercial concrete installation to provide foundations and meet your structural architecture needs.

If you want to know more about the specifics of how we can help with your commercial improvements, feel free to contact us. If you’re a commercial property owner in need of storefront renovations, rental renovations, hotel remodels, office space renovations or anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch with John Christopher Construction today.