Here at John Christopher Construction, we plan, permit, design, and build new commercial construction projects from scratch. Our comprehensive service accommodates the entire process on your behalf, making us your one-stop-shop for all new buildings and commercial developments. Just get in touch with our expert team today and find out how we can make your building projects a reality.

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Architectural Planning

Architectural PlanningArchitectural planning is a critical first step in any project. For that reason, you need an architectural plan that meets your organization’s needs. At Handyman Pros, we specialize in creating feasible programs that address all your stakeholders’ needs, allowing you to go ahead with projects with confidence.

Our expert architects consult with you at length about your planning needs. We then create schedules that fulfill your brief, offering all the features you require, whether you want structural concrete work, flooring installation, interior remodeling, or storefront remodeling services. You can plan the architectural implications of your modifications and get results that are both safe and compliant.

Architectural Permitting

Architectural permitting is the process of obtaining written authorizations from city or county authorities to go ahead with a particular building project. New stripmalls, new restaurants, and new stores must get legal documentation to go ahead with their builds.

Obtaining permission, however, can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why Coastal Handyman is here to help you. As Orange County general contractors, we assist with your planning application. We guide you through the process and help you get the permission you need to move forward.

We maintain regular contact with permitting agencies and develop close relationships where possible. Our active presence in the process means that we can manage permitting on your behalf, addressing any revisions as they come through. With us, you can remove the administrative burden of dealing with planners and get results fast.

Architectural Design

Architectural DesignBefore you can go ahead with any architectural construction project, you need a robust design that fulfills your criteria. We work with you to hammer out the critical features of your new building. Our designers then use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the optimal outcome. We use advanced software to plan out the features of your build and ensure that significant revisions are not required once work gets underway. We consider all aspects of the project, including renovations or building extensions. We aim to cover all bases so that when construction does get underway, you don’t get any nasty surprises. We always plan to stay on time and budget.

Architectural design is the most creative stage of any architectural building endeavor. During this stage, you have the creative freedom to design something that meets your commercial construction needs. Each building you construct or renovate needs to chime with your stakeholders, whether that’s your staff, customers, or clients.

Facing a blank slate can be a little daunting. But here at John Christopher Construction, we have tremendous experience in helping companies like yours deliver projects that help fulfill their organizational goals. Partner with us and experience the difference yourself today.

Architectural Building

Once all the planning is complete, it is time to move onto the construction stage – the most critical part of the project.

Because we offer a comprehensive service, you don’t have to work with anybody else. We take all of the plans, designs, and permits from earlier stages and then use them to make your construction project a reality. We offer a variety of services that help to create something that fulfills all your project requirements.

  • Wall framing. As framing contractors, we provide an expert solution you can trust. Framing walls are often a critical part of the remodeling process. It provides the basic framework you need for new partitioning walls, wiring, and plumbing. We install framing beams according to your renovation or building design, allowing you to quickly fit-out a new unit or room. This service, for both residential and commercial clients, will enable you to optimize your space and tailor your rooms to match your specifications, down to the smallest detail. As with all our projects, we work closely with your budget.
  • Structural concrete work. Structural concrete work is a vital part of many construction projects. Clients often use it to extend the usable space around a building (for patios and porches), plus foundation work. Thus, when it comes to this type of work, you can’t go to any old handyman. You need structural concrete contractors who know what they’re doing. Here at Coastal Handyman Pro, we have massive experience in the industry and can determine the precise type of foundations you need for your build. We can also advise you on whether your renovations will add substantial weight to your building and consult with you on the best path to proceed. We work with offices, retailers, and apartment owners. Our commercial concrete services even allow you to rearrange your buildings’ layout so that they appeal to your customers more.
  • Flooring installation. Flooring installation typically involves more than just laying down new material. Often it requires moving utility pipes, general repairs, and relaying concrete.
  • Remodeling. When you run a business, appearance is everything. You need to create a great impression that encourages customers to return in the future. We help you with all this and more. With us, you get assistance with the electrics, drywall remodeling, and plumbing services. We take care of the whole lot, making your interior and exterior commercial renovation go more smoothly. We also offer storefront remodeling for retailers, according to specific designs, using durable materials.

Comprehensive Service

It’s rare to find a partner that provides architectural planning, permitting, design, and building as standard parts of their service. But that’s precisely what you get at John Christopher Construction. We understand that it is better to get all the services you need in one place instead of hiring managers to connect designers with permitters, contractors, and trade specialists. When you go with us, you get the whole lot, all under one roof. Now, doesn’t that sound like a better way to do things?