With John Christopher Construction as your commercial and retail licensed general contractors, you’re in safe and expert hands. Getting your space open on time whether it’s a brand new store or commercial entity or you’ve been renovating and have taken advantage of our expertise in the fields of custom design, the highest standards of health and safety, our expert concrete flooring, inspired drywalling solutions or any of our other turnkey service offerings, you’ll know what “rest assured” means.

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When we say “turnkey”, we mean turnkey. Our company is big enough to take on the most challenging and demanding of contracts while being small enough to care about your business whether that’s a new, small to medium-sized or a large store, or you’re taking on bigger more complex retailing – we’ve got you.

Licensed contractors in Orange County California

We are fully licensed general contractors and compliant with local and state laws and our commitment to health and safety is second to none. What you see is your project being built from the ground up and brought to life, done right on time. From planning, designing through to the manufacture, installation, plumbing electrical work and the final touch of professional finishing. The benefits to using a local company that’s not just based in Orange County – but thrives in Orange County means that you enjoy decades of world-class service delivery with an abundant supply of global standards – and local California passion.

Office Space Contractors

Office Space Contractors Orange CountyThe more we begin to understand the impact, carefully planned and made to purpose spaces can influence our ways of thought, mood and levels of productivity, the more important it has become to ensure that your office space contractors are aware of these dynamics too. It’s no longer good enough to take an open space and fill it with under-inspired cubicles and lifeless work centers. Now, smart office spacing takes the location of your workforce and redesigns it using clever proportions, innovative products and easy to access spaces and meeting rooms.

We take custom design and quality remodeling to a whole new level where your end goal informs our planning and our expert, quality-driven teams that deliver outstanding performance.

Our teams of designers and spatial planners ensure that all the advances of the digital age are worked into your project bringing creative, innovative and production boosting spaces to realization.

When you need to reconfigure existing spaces, you can count on us to reconfigure your current floor plans to take into account changes in your workforce and holistic dynamics.

Rough carpentry contractors

John Frieze and Chris Manos have provided hundreds of customers, new and returning with passionate, dedicated and professional service and care for many years and our intimate understanding of what is required to bring about your contracting requirements to life is unmatched in Southern California.


This extends to the specialist knowledge required when taking all rough carpentry contractor issues and needs into consideration. Working with blueprints to actualize design and manufacture means so you know that your project is in the best possible hands. This means that framing contractors are essential and you’ll want the very best framing contractors.

Commercial construction contractors

There are so many different laws and legal compliance issues when it comes to construction, remodeling, demolishing, architectural planning and manufacturing it can seem a daunting task to keep on top of it all. That’s why you need expert knowledge and outstanding professionalism to ensure that you keep ahead of the pack. Call: (949) 216-5858 to get your project started.

Retail store design

Retail Store DesignThere is a veritable treasure chest of design options that can please the most discerning of tastes, all the way across the spectrum to functional and intelligently designed commercial retail spaces that make sense to you and it’s in this field that you enjoy the craftsmanship, design intelligence and quality project management of custom designers, manufacturers, installers, wall framers, planners and so, so much more. John Christopher Construction offers a comprehensive service right from the start and coordinates your design elements to perfection. Unique retails spaces make the difference between success and not, and we’re committed to being part of your solution.

Retail store construction

When it’s time to take your design dreams and turn them into design realities, then we’re going to be the contractors you’re going to want to call. We coordinate projects that are as vast as you could imagine through to smaller constructions that take into account demands on space and budget and time-conscious delivery dates. But it doesn’t start with the first spade in the soil and end with handing over the keys, our solutions are way more holistically minded than that and when you first experience the peace of mind that turnkey services deliver, you’ll never consider anything else. Time is money and we’re here to make sure you spend both wisely.

Complete store remodel in Newport Beach

Newport Beach enjoys some of the highest-valued real estate and commercial real estate values in Southern California, with higher than average incomes and an upwardly mobile citizenry and this means that consumers want more. More diversity, more quality and more expertise and we’re going to make sure it happens. So when it’s time to remodel your store or sales space, we’ll be your guide towards innovative and cutting edge design, outstanding quality workmanship in manufacture and remodeling and the very best materials. Take a look at one of our recent storefront remodels in Newport Beach.

Dental office contractors

There is a vast amount of specialist knowledge that’s required to bring a space like a dental office into working reality. Intelligent floor plan layouts and soft but stylish interior spaces make difference for your dental practice. If you’re starting from scratch or it’s time for a remodel, we’ll get you there. Call us at (949) 216-5858.