Ensuring your property portfolio delivers value is a must if you are a landlord or property developer. Your rental homes need to be attractive prospects to secure the right tenants at the right prices. Additionally, you have a duty as a landlord or property manager to make sure your tenants have a good quality of life and a safe home to live in. As rental home improvement contractors, John Christopher Construction can take on any project to help your rental properties achieve their full potential.

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Orange County Rental Home Improvement ContractorsFrom single-family homes to apartment remodels you can trust our team to get your properties up to standard. We know how important it is that your rental properties are viable sources of income, and we’re familiar with what it takes to get them ready for your dream tenants. Our team works with you to remodel your properties within your budget, making it easier for you to turn a profit and make the most of your investments.

We have the knowledge and experience to deliver remodeling projects of all types and all sizes. Our skills range from concrete installation to plumbing and electrics, putting us in the best position to complete your residential and commercial remodels from start to finish.

Rental Property Renovation in Orange County

Hiring rental property remodel contractors isn’t the same as hiring contractors for your own home. You need experts who understand that remodeling a property for tenants involves different considerations. Your rental homes need to provide for your tenant’s needs, while also being easy to maintain. Additionally, they need to be durable, and the remodel needs to be affordable. Staying within a budget is important for property investors, whose focus is on turning a profit from their investment. With our experience and knowledge of the industry, we help our clients stay within budget and finish on time so that your business isn’t disrupted for too long and you can protect the comfort of your tenants.

Help with Construction Permits & Plans

Orange County Rental Home Improvement ContractorsPart of the process of renovating rental homes is ensuring you have the right permits for construction. Our extensive experience has given us the skills and knowledge needed to support you in the planning and permit requirements for your remodel projects. We know the ins and outs of building codes, required permits, and all the boxes that need to be checked to make construction projects legal and safe. We are fully licensed remodeling and home addition contractors who have supported many clients throughout their remodeling projects from beginning to end. We know what’s necessary in terms of permits and licenses, and how to secure them as quickly as possible.

Full Home Remodel Contractors in Orange County

Our full remodeling service makes it simple to complete your residential and commercial remodels. Our team consists of roofers, electricians, plumbers, framing contractors, and more. We can do everything from designing your remodels and additions to completing all of the work. When we’re done, we even leave everything clean and tidy, so you can hardly tell we were there, if it weren’t for all the work we completed.

Kitchen Remodels
Orange County Rental Home Improvement ContractorsRemodeling kitchens is one of the most popular ways to improve rental properties. Kitchens need to provide adequate facilities for your tenants, whether they’re families, single people, students, or anyone else. They need to be practical, as well as provide a comfortable space for your tenants to cook and possibly eat. Our kitchen remodels will help you to make the best use of the space that you have available to deliver the best value to your tenants.

Bathroom Remodels
Bathrooms are another key room in any home that needs to provide the right facilities, along with a suitable aesthetic for a rented home. Our expert demolition and bathroom renovation team will help you to design and build the perfect bathroom for your rental property. When you’re working to a budget, we will make sure your new bathroom meets the needs of you and your current or future tenants without hurting your bottom line.

Walls, Floors, Roofs, and More

Our team of contractors can do it all. From wall framing and flooring to roofing, we can be with you at every stage of your rental home improvement. We are capable of building new room additions, renovating existing rooms, and doing anything required to make your property a better home for your tenants.

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