People looking to rent homes, want to live in a property that is comfortable, attractive, and functional, with enough potential for them to make the property their own.

Keeping good tenants is something that most landlords would like to achieve in order to keep generating revenue. In order to do this you’ll need a trusted Orange County tenant improvement contractor, paying close attention to detail of how you choose to keep on top of your property for rent will make all the difference when it comes between renting an acceptable property, or one that you’re proud to present to prospective tenants.

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You may want to take on bigger construction projects such as kitchen remodels along with plumbing and electrical projects, or smaller tasks- looking at the paint and flooring, for example.

Which renovations will generate the biggest increase in rental income?

Renters will place a high value on places that look good, as well as the functionality of the kitchens and bathrooms within the property.

If you’re looking to start a remodel project for your Orange County Apartment, keep reading for some inspiration and tips for how you can increase your rental income revenue from John Christopher Construction.

Apartment Kitchen Remodels

Apartment Kitchen RemodelsIn property sales, the room with the most value per square foot is the kitchen, so most of your attention should be placed here when looking to sell your home. The same can be said for rental properties, with tenants placing a lot of value on a well functioning kitchen when making the decision to rent a property.

Smaller apartments may benefit from kitchenettes- which are effectively smaller kitchens with more compact storage solutions.

You might want to start with the appliances. Mismatched appliances can look unsightly. Start with the newest appliance in the kitchen and get new ones that match that for a uniformed look.

Similarly, matching the oven finishers, refrigerators, microwave and dishwasher will give that overall more cohesive look in an instant.
Remember, aesthetics and functionality are big wins for renters.

Some other things that could be considered as part of your apartment kitchen remodel:

Install new cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are often the first thing that gives away the age of a kitchen, and how long it had been since the last renovation. Opt for a classic wood finish for a timeless look.

If you’re looking for functionality, install larger cabinets to store large goods such as vacuum cleaners and cookware. Why not have some doorless cupboards that can be used as extra storage for cook books?

Paying extra attention to these details will keep most tenants happy.

Invest in new countertops

A good option for new countertops is a strong and hardy material such as granite, which will give a kitchen, or even an entire apartment, a more finished, newly-renovated look.
Granite tops are durable and can withstand everyday use, as well as being resistant to heat, scratches, and stains.

Don’t Forget the Small Details

Make sure you complete the look by adding some inexpensive, but thoughtful touches. Replace that annoying sounding dripping faucet- which will also save money in water bills over time.
Add a splashback near the stove. They not only look stylish but are easy to clean too- a bonus for both the tenant and for you when it comes to the post lease clean up.

Want to provide extra space and something that will make your apartment stand out from the others? Get a wet bar installation for added function and style for larger living spaces that could still benefit with added function and style.

The Easy Fixes

Not every renovation project has to involve demolition to be effective. Think about the easy fixes and touch-up projects that can improve the look and feel of an apartment without too much work.


Apartment Paint ServiceThere’s nothing worse for a potential renter to see when walking through a potential new rental property than seeing paint peeling off the drywall. Pay attention to paintwork. Remember to keep walls neutral. This gives renters a blank canvas to work with while they live there.
Alternatively, ask a future tenant what color they would prefer on the walls. To stay mainly neutral with a pop of color, why not consider an accent wall for the best of both worlds?

Pay particular attention to the areas surrounding windows and doors as this is most often overlooked

Little Fixes

Install new light fixtures to modernize the space and to keep rooms looking bright. Opt for lampshades that look good as well as function well.
Fix up blinds to keep them working well. These little details can make all the difference to whether a prospective renter chooses to rent from you.


When working through a rental property renovation, the last thing you should consider replacing is the flooring. Other renovation projects can create a lot of dust and dirt, so the last thing you would want is a dirty stained or scratched floor following a renovation project.
However, it is worth noting that following a kitchen remodel, floors should be installed before appliances are added, so the appliances are easily accessible for repairs.

Hardwood flooring is a highly popular material to replace previous floors. This is because it looks good and is easy to clean. Carpet, though a good option for bedrooms only, is a less popular option when it comes to rental properties as they are harder to clean and often trap smells.

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Why not get the help of some of the finest tenant improvement contractors in Orange County to help guide you to make the decisions for your commercial apartment remodel that could keep that money coming in? The good news is that we’re here to help.