Orange County residents choose John Christopher Construction for home improvement, whether that is full kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, second story additions and so much more.

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No job is too big or too small. John Christopher Construction can do any service you need, from simple repairs and maintenance to complete renovations.

Kitchen remodeling

Home ImprovementA project to renovate the kitchen is a wonderful opportunity to modernize the appearance of either your office or your home. You can trust the kitchen remodeling contractors at John Christopher Construction to do the job, whether you want to put in a new office cafeteria, expand your kitchen, or just update the old decor and appliances in your current kitchen. John Christopher Construction is here to help.

When you are planning a redesign for your kitchen, it is important to keep in mind that the kitchen is the heart of the home and that it should, to the greatest extent possible, reflect you and your family. During the home remodel, you may have the opportunity to select each component of your brand-new room.

Extending your kitchen and increasing your square footage is made easy with us. We can extend your foundational concrete, frame new walls and expand the roof.

Bathroom remodeling and Additions

Home ImprovementThe John Christopher Construction bathroom remodeling contractors are committed to going above and beyond our clients’ expectations while taking their budgets into account when remodeling their bathrooms. In order to provide you with the bathroom of your dreams, our contractors will make sure that all of your specifications are met.

We will help you plan every part of the project, from the flooring to the windows in your new bathroom. The experts at John Christopher Construction will be there to advise you through every step of the process and ensure that you make the right decisions, regardless of whether you are simply refurbishing parts of the bathroom or going for an entire deconstruction and rebuilding.

Room Addition

The vast majority of people are interested in increasing their square footage of their homes and livable real estate. Changing the floor plans of your home and adding solutions for concrete, framing, plumbing, and electrical work are all necessary steps. Because of this, it is quite necessary to make certain that you pick the appropriate crew for the task at hand.

The good news is that the framing contractors at John Christopher Construction have the right level of experience to make sure that your room addition is done right from the start of the project to the end.

Wall framing contractors

Home ImprovementAt John Christopher Construction, our customers know they can trust the professional work done by our framing contractors. People who want to make big changes to our homes or do major work on them will find that our framework walls are a key part of what they need.

Throughout this phase, we construct the “frame” of the room, which serves as the main basis for the work that will be carried out during room extensions. Framing is a tricky job because it often involves parts that are hidden inside the wall such as pipes and wires. For example, plumbing and electrical lines might need to be put in for this job to be finished correctly. We are your one stop shop for wall framing, electrical and plumbing when reconfiguring your home.

ADU permits, design and construction

Our Orange County ADU contractors are second to none. From permitting to completion, we’re your one stop shop for ADU construction. The building of a second house or an extra dwelling unit (ADU) on a piece of property can help landowners increase the value of their property without requiring them to spend a significant amount of money.

A second living space, complete with its kitchen, bedroom, and dining room, can be considered an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). It is not part of the main house. Instead, it is a separate unit that could be used as a rental property or as a place for out-of-town family members to stay when they come to visit.

ADUs also be made by turning unused space, like a garage or basement, into a place where people can live by adding walls, ceilings, and floors to make rooms that can be used as living spaces.

To do this, we help you get the necessary permits for an ADU, as well as help you design and build it. This is where John Christopher Construction come in.

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