Despite being a clever renovation project, second story home addition is a complex process that requires the input of the best contractors in town. We at John Christopher Construction pride ourselves as the best Orange County general contractors. We have the expertise to make your second story addition project as seamless as possible.
We take pride in our founders, who have been in the home remodeling business for over 18 years. Together with our team’s hard work and dedication, their professionalism has enabled our company to reach unimaginable heights over the years.

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Second story addition is a rising trend today for good reasons. Here’s why.

  • It maximizes upward space allowing you to increase your livable square footage.
  • Second story addition offers the needed design flexibility to customize your extra rooms according to your tastes and preferences.
  • Second story additions save you from the stress and expenses brought about by moving if you desperately need more livable space.
  • It’s a perfect way to add value to your property.

Here is a breakdown of what we will offer you in this project.

Examining the Fitness of Your House To Accommodate a Second Story

We cannot move until we are confident your home can accommodate a second story. Therefore, our abled engineers will access the type of soil your house sits on, its design and building codes in your area. Unlike other home renovation contractors that leave the checking of your building ordinances to you, our company will walk with you every step of the way.

We will help you contact those offices and get the city permitting documents to enable you to carry out the renovation project.

Second Story Demolition Service

Demolition Services

There are various ways of adding a second story to your home ranging from building from scratch, expanding an upper level, replacing the roof or using designs where you get to fit an addition built from elsewhere into your home.

Whatever you settle for will depend on your area’s building codes, your preference and foundation ability. Rest easy as we have the expertise to carry out any story addition option of your choice. We will comfortably do the demolition and build a new addition of your choice.

Customizing the Second Story Addition

Our work does not end at the building stage; we will work with you to ensure the added story is customized to your preference. In addition, you can trust us to do special finishing for you, including wall framing, flooring, roofing and painting.
The best thing about working with us is that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your project. We can guarantee you one of the best quotes in town as our mantra is working smart and an accommodating the pace of our clients.

Critical Considerations When Installing a Second Story Addition

Besides getting the go-ahead from your area’s local authority, there are other vital things to consider on this journey. The best option is to work hand in hand with your contractor and put the following issues in mind.


How much you have set aside for your project will determine the contractor you work with and the second story addition option you chose. Moreover, it will impact the kind of customization done to the added space.
The rule of the game is to opt for a contractor who provides the value for your money. John Christopher Construction will offer you this and more.

Where To Stay During the Process

You have the option of remaining in your house as the construction goes on or vacating to a different place. Whether to stay or move highly depends on you and the arrangements you make with your contractor.

We can quickly tell how long the project is likely to take and whether it’s safe for you to stay inside the house.

Securing Your Drywall Ceiling

Securing Your Drywall CeilingRemoval of the roof during the addition of your second story weakens your drywall ceiling putting it at risk of collapsing. You, therefore, need to liaise with your contractor on the best way of securing your drywall ceiling.
We have vast experience in drywall protection during the second story addition projects and can easily add temporary walls to keep the ceiling from falling.

How To Handle Your Utilities

If your home follows the standard design where the water pipes and electrical wiring runs through the open spaces in the roof, you need to first consider their fate before embarking on the additional mission. You can quickly solve this by working with a contractor experienced in plumbing and electrical fittings.

You can never go wrong when working with us at Coastal Holdings Pros, as we have vast experience in new plumbing and electrical wiring.

Intermarrying the Addition With Your Home’s Design

You must make sure that the added story does not affect your original home’s design. If anything, it should complement it and add to its aesthesia. One of the critical factors to consider at this stage is if the story allows for a stairway.

You can easily hack this by working with experienced home renovation contractors.

Given the prevailing small compounds in most homes today, whether you should expand your home upwards or outwards is no longer a question. Besides offering your family the needed space, developing upwards is convenient as it enables you to use your yard for other productive activities. Moreover, it’s easy to retain your original home design when done right.

The main task, however, lies in finding the right contractors to do the expansion for you.

Consider us at Coastal Handyman Pro for a lifetime experience. We are a licensed general contractors company offering home renovation services in Orange County, California. We best the best staff in terms of repiping, rough carpentry contractors and we provide outstanding customer service.

Contact us today for a free quote and detailed evaluation of the suitability of your home before embarking on the second story addition work.