A guest house is one of the best ways to make a guest feel welcome while still having some privacy. Guesthouses tend to be detached from the main house. These are excellent if you frequently have guests, looking to make some extra money with a Bed & Breakfast, creating rental units, or wanting somewhere small and quaint to house your family (whether it be your parents, grandparents such as granny flats, or children), then a guest house could be a wonderful home addition.

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It is large enough to hold all the needs such as a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen but small enough to stay cozy while not taking up too much room on the property either. A guest house is a perfect balance of maintaining privacy and boundaries between you and your guest.

So, you’re wanting a guest house?

After coming down to the decision of wanting to get a guest home and knowing the reasons why you want one, there then comes several questions. Some of the questions could be “where to put it”, “what will it look like”, “what’s the layout”, and “where can I find the best contractor to help me build this?”. It’s only natural that a wave of questions will hit you right when you decide to get one build. It’s not the same as building a shed, it’s far more complex since this is something that someone will be living in after all. While you can look into garage conversions or even prefabricated guest houses, it’s always best to look into Backyard ADU Contractors to help you out with your project.

The Benefits of having a Backyard Guest House

Orange County Guest House Contractor ServiceThere are a variety of benefits of having a modular guest house in your backyard. One of the biggest perks would be privacy. While there may be a variety of reasons why you’d like an ADU unit on your property, there’s no denying that it can be worth it in the long run. Many property owners will create rental units out of guest houses, some will use these for bed & breakfast or other accommodation units for tourists, but they’re also great for a family.

Maybe you have a parent or grandparent that’s retired and would like to be close to their family, maybe your child recently completed college and is still searching for a good house or apartment. Whatever the reasons may be, they’re perfect for setting-up some privacy so daily lives won’t need to conflict. Guesthouses don’t need to be expensive either, just like any other prefab casita in California.

These are the right size, not taking up too much room, they’re not too little either. Plus they have everything that a guest would need and want altogether. Whether your guest house is going to be an ADU or a JADU (junior additional dwelling unit) it most certainly has the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

Get the experts to help you with your guest house project

Orange County Guest House ContractorWhile there are a variety of reasons why you may want a guest house on your property, the whole project shouldn’t have to be difficult or strenuous. Why stress over something such as a Guest House Design or Guest House Plan when there is a prefab guest house with a bathroom and kitchen in California? The word of guest homes and other ADU ( additional dwelling units) can seem confusing, can it? So what exactly does “prefab” or “prefabricated” mean anyway?

This means that something was already built. No need to worry about creating a blueprint or a design for this guest house, as it’s already created and you can select the one you like most. So what about the ADU installation? The John Christopher Construction are here to help every step of the way! No need to worry about installation, as these contractors can get it done in a breeze. So you’ll be saving a lot of time on your prefab backyard guest house.

We build custom ADU guest houses and we install prefabricated depending on your desires and requirements

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