If you love your home but find that you’re running out of room, then the ideal solution is to increase the usable space in your current home. As home expansion contractors, we can increase the overall footprint of your home to create extra space for you. This expansion doesn’t have to mean you sacrificing your whole yard or even a significant part of it. Often, home expansion just means adding a bit of extra space to allow the interior of a home to be remodeled more effectively.

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Home Addition Contractors

As home additions contractors, we can help you extend the height of your home. This gives you more usable space without increasing your home’s overall footprint. Home additions are a great solution when you just don’t have space to expand outward. They can also be used in combination with home expansions to deliver the maximum possible usable space.

Second Story Addition Contractors

As second story addition contractors, we can help you transform a small home into a much larger property with a whole lot more functionality. A second story addition can open up all kinds of possibilities like starting a family, having older relatives live with you, or having great working from home facilities.

Second story additions are generally major undertakings but the end result can be so worth it. What’s more, they can add a whole lot of extra value to your home.

Room Addition Contractors

As room addition contractors, we can help you to squeeze in a bit of extra space where you want or need it. The term “room addition” is often read to mean “sunroom addition”. It’s true that sunrooms are very popular.

These days, however, it’s increasingly common for room additions to be treated as “bump-outs”. This effectively means that they provide a little extra space to fulfill a specific function. For example, a room addition to a kitchen might provide space for an island and/or a breakfast nook. A room addition to a bedroom might provide space for an en-suite.

Home Expansion Room AdditionAlthough room additions are relatively small-scale projects they are more than basic remodelings and renovations. They will still need to be built to code and hence are likely to require permits and inspections.

As useful as room additions can be, they should generally be the last option you look at. As a rule of thumb, you should start by looking at a basic home remodel or home renovation. If that is not sufficient, then it’s generally best to check if you would benefit from a full home expansion or home addition. If, however, none of these options works for you, then a room addition could be an excellent choice.

Home Remodeling Contractors

As home remodeling contractors, we can help you take your existing home and give it a refresh so that it better suits your current and future needs. Home remodeling covers all kinds of options from kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling to larger-scale reconfigurations.

Many homes benefit from periodic remodeling. It’s a cost-effective way to adapt your home to your changing lifestyle. It can also allow you to take advantage of new developments in design and technology. For example, multipurpose furniture is getting better all the time. This can make it possible to create rooms or zones in a way that just wouldn’t have worked before.

Home Renovation Contractors

As home renovation contractors, we can help you to take what you have and make it better. All homes need renovation from time to time. Major investments like bathroom appliances will last for years but not forever. Updating them is often a mini-renovation in itself.

It’s also an opportunity to do a more in-depth home renovation. Again, this can allow you to take advantage of advances in technology. When you are making significant updates, it’s often advisable to invest in the most up-to-date appliances you can afford. This adds in a lot of future-proofing.

Wall Framing Contractors

As wall framing contractors, we can literally help to reshape your home so that it works better for you. While open-plan homes have been popular for several years now, there is currently a move back towards the use of walls or part-walls. These enhance privacy and improve soundproofing.

Concrete Contractors

As concrete contractors, we can make sure that any concrete surface turns out just as you wanted it. In particular, we make sure that it’s applied properly so that it’s appropriately thick and flat. We also make sure that it dries correctly. Using proper concrete contractors can save a lot of time and hassle compared to trying to work with concrete yourself.

Electrician Contractors

Home Expansion Electrician ContractorAs electrician contractors, we work to keep your house safe as well as functional. There is a strict limit to the electrical work that can be carried out by non-electricians.

In general, minor changes are fine (e.g. changing out light fittings). Anything involving the actual wiring and circuitry, by contrast, usually needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician.

Even if that isn’t a legal requirement, it’s likely to be required by an insurer. Undocumented electrical work would, therefore, almost certainly be flagged up when you go to sell your home.

Plumbing Contractors

As plumbing contractors, we can help you take care of some of the most challenging home-improvement projects.

Using plumbing contractors may not be a legal requirement as it is for electricity. It may, however, keep you on the right side of your insurer if you later need to make a claim.

It can also be very reassuring to future home buyers since it demonstrates that the work was carried out by a knowledgeable tradesperson.

Licensed General Contractors

There are only two alternatives to using a licensed general contractor. These are to DIY or to use an unlicensed general contractor. If you have the tools, the time, and the trade skills, DIYing can save you money. If you don’t, however, the best you can hope for is frustration. At worst, you can seriously damage your home.

Using an unlicensed general contractor may cost less than using a licensed general contractor but it’s a gamble. What’s more, if you lose, it can end up costing you a lot more than just paying a proper licensed general contractor in the first place.