Are you interested in adding additional living space on your property in Orange County CA? If so, then consider using our prefab ADU installation services. With this solution, you can ensure that you have the additional living space you need around your home with a service that is fast, effective, and installed to the highest standard.

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What Is An ADU Installation?

Prefab ADU Installation Contractors in Orange County CAAccessory dwelling units – also referred to as multi-dwelling units – are smaller units that are typically completely self-contained. They can be added onto the land around your property to provide you with the additional space that you need for you and your family. An eco-friendly solution, these installations can also increase the value of your property and provide a wide range of practical benefits at the same time. At John Christopher Construction, ADU architects provide custom ADU installation services, designed to meet the preferences and requirements of every client in Orange County.

Different Prefab ADUs We Provide In Orange County CA

As professional ADU contractors, we can provide support in constructing a variety of different types of additional dwelling units at your property. Here are some of the options that you can explore.

Backyard Homes

Backyard homes or tiny houses can provide more living space for your property. These can be connected to your home or separately and installed somewhere in your backyard. Backyard homes like this can have electricity, and plumbing and be the ultimate additional space for your family. This insulated, comfortable space will be ideal if you have a growing family or if you want to add additional value to your home.

Granny Flats

Prefab ADU Installation Contractors in Orange County CAWe can also help construct a granny flat at your property. A granny flat is an additional living space that is usually connected to your home. A granny flat can be installed above a garage, in an attic space, or in a connecting building to your property. As the name suggests, an ADU like this will be the perfect option if you are interested in your elderly parents moving in with you so that you can provide them with additional support. As expert granny flat contractors, we can ensure that your granny flat has everything you need with an easy installation service you can trust.

Guest House

Perhaps you want the perfect place for guests to stay when they are visiting your property. We can help by installing a guest house next to your home. As an expert ADU construction company, we can install a high-quality guest house that provides luxury accommodation for anyone who might be visiting your home.

ADU Services We Provide

As licensed general contractors in Orange County, we provide a wide range of services that are needed for your ADU construction and installation.

ADU Installation Permitting & Planning

At John Christopher Construction, we provide clients with comprehensive ADU installation planning and permitting services in Orange County. This guarantees that you won’t run into any roadblocks when you are adding an ADU to your property. While recent law changes have made it easier to complete an ADU construction project, you can still run into roadblocks. We can help you avoid these. Unlike other ADU construction companies, we can also provide full planning services to ensure that your ADU is set up and installed the right way.

Concrete Foundation Installation

Prefab ADU Installation Contractors in Orange County CAAs ADU contractors, we offer concrete foundation installation. The right foundation is critical for the durability and longevity of your ADu installation. By choosing the right ADU builders, you can guarantee that your guest house or rental unit installation is built to last.

ADU Plumbing Installation

An ADU can be installed with complete plumbing. This ensures that it can have running taps, toilets, and anything else that you might require. We will ensure that your plumbing is installed to the right standard of quality.

ADU Electrical Installation

Wiring installations can be dangerous and create a fire hazard if they are not handled correctly. As expert ADU builders, we will ensure this isn’t an issue on your property. We can customize your ADU to match lighting and electrical requirements.

Why Choose John Christopher Construction

Our team at John Christopher Construction has been operating as ADU contractors in Orange County, CA for years. During this time we have provided countless clients with professional ADU design and installation services that they can trust. We have a firm commitment to client care and will not rest until you are 100% satisfied with our service. We also provide our services at rates that offer fantastic levels of value. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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