Kitchens are where people cook, eat, and gather. A new kitchen can breathe new life into any home or business, refreshing the space and making it a better place to be for everyone who uses it. There are so many ways to approach kitchen remodels, from light changes to complete demolition and renovation. You may have plenty of ideas for your new kitchen, but you also need to team up with the right contractors to bring them to life.

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At John Christopher Construction, we’re ready to give you the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you want to spruce up your office kitchen or create the ultimate family kitchen in your home, our expert team is here to help. As licensed kitchen contractors, we can take care of every aspect of your kitchen remodel, from plumbing and electrics to flooring, walls, cabinets, and more.

Orange County Kitchen Remodels By the Experts

Orange County Kitchen Remodeling ContractorsWhen you choose John Christopher Construction for your kitchen remodel, you can start the process knowing that you’re working with the very best. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality of work and meeting the needs of all of our clients. Our services are designed to be suitable for all budgets too, helping you to get the kitchen that you want without breaking the bank. Our expert team knows all that there is to know about construction and kitchen remodels. Additionally, they always conduct their work with a friendly and positive attitude and are polite and tidy at all times.

Our Wide Range of Services

Our extensive range of services allows us to be with you through your entire kitchen remodel, from planning to dusting off the final product. We work with homeowners, landlords, and businesses to remodel kitchens of all shapes and sizes. If you want to install a cozy family kitchen or refresh your office kitchen, we’re the right contractors for the job. Our other services include bathroom remodels, home improvements, and commercial construction, so we’re here for you when you need other work done too.

Our services include wall framing and framing new walls, concrete installation, flooring, plumbing, and electrical services. Thanks to our broad range of skills and experience, we can see your kitchen remodel right through to the end.

Transform Your Kitchen

Orange County Kitchen Remodeling ContractorsPlanning a kitchen remodel gives you the opportunity to make the most of the space you have. If your kitchen really needs to be updated, it’s your chance to look at the latest trends or design the kitchen you’ve always wanted. A new kitchen can do more than just change one room in your home. It can also change the way you relate to your home and how you use it. Our team will help you to get more from your kitchen, whether it’s by improving your storage and surfaces, getting more light into the room, or bringing in an air of sophistication.

Commercial Remodels in Orange County

We work with commercial clients to renovate their kitchens and other areas of their buildings too. Our commercial remodels and rental property renovation services are carried out with just as much care and attention as our residential services. When your office kitchen needs to be refreshed, our contractors can do it all from start to finish. Your office kitchen requires plumbing and electrics, both of which we can install thanks to our licensed electricians and plumbers. We can renovate your existing kitchen or install a brand-new kitchen to give your employees the facilities that they deserve.

Rental Property Renovation

Orange County Kitchen Remodeling ContractorsMany of our clients are landlords and developers, looking for the right contractors for rental property rehabilitation and renovation. As rental property remodel contractors, we ensure your properties are attractive prospects for potential tenants with our kitchen remodeling and other services. We work on buildings of all types, as apartment remodel contractors and multi-family building renovation contractors, as well as working on single-family homes. When you need tenant improvement remodels to increase the quality of your tenants’ living conditions, our team is here to help.

In addition to residential rentals, we also provide services as commercial tenant improvement contractors. If you own commercial rental properties, our kitchen remodels are perfect for giving your property portfolio a boost.

You can guarantee our team will always be polite, respectful, neat, and understanding when carrying out work in your kitchen. Find out more about our kitchen remodels when you call Coastal Handyman at (949) 216-5858 and speak to a member of our team.