Are you ready to add value to your property? Backyard homes are becoming a trend in real estate, and with the easing of zoning regulations throughout the California area, you may be eligible to build your own, affordable ADU in your backyard. With construction and all of the appliances included in our backyard home options, our ADU designs in Orange County could be the best thing that you do since you bought your house. You need an expert guest house builder to help you with this, and the best ADU contractors come from us – John Christopher Construction. We are based in Orange County, California, and we can offer new custom ADU designs, ADU construction, and ADU installation. If you require accessory dwelling units or a garage conversion, we are here to help.

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Small in size doesn’t actually equate to easy design work. An accessory dwelling unit – or a granny flat – requires a lot of thought and careful design considerations so that you can arrive at the best solution for your home needs. Once you understand the considerations that must be made, you can understand the process of ADU design. Because more spaces can be a challenge to navigate when it comes to interior design, our ADU builders design and install custom accessory dwelling units for you. As licensed commercial contractors headquartered in =Orange County, California, we service Los Angeles county, Riverside County and San Bernardino County as well. All home and property owners can benefit from new and affordable housing legislation throughout Southern California, and we are here to work with you!

Building ADU Designs

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When it comes to building and putting together ADU designs, you have to consider that less is always more. The less things that you put into the design, the more space you will have for living. You may only need one bathroom instead of two, which gives you much more space in the kitchen. Less space in the bedroom gives you more space where you would spend most of your time. An ADU is a small home, and it’s important to consider that the space could remain small. Otherwise it just becomes a regular old house which we can accommodate as well. Our ADU design team is here to help you to ensure that your granny house build goes off without a hitch.

Work With Our ADU Architects

When you discuss your ADU with our design team, you can talk about the outdoor connections that it will need. You have to look for strategies to make the smaller dwellings feel more spacious, which means ensuring that connecting to the outdoors physically or visually can make for a much better interior. Think about larger windows for more natural lights, fresh air and views of nature. Most living rooms of an ADU build can open up to a patio or covered deck. We want to help you to create bonus living space that is not counted in the specified ADU limits. This is going to help you to maximize your ADU. Our ADU architects are here to help. Coastal Handyman Build ADU

At John Christopher Construction, we also consider how the ADU responds to the surrounding landscape and the rest of the property. How will people get there from the street, what are the circulation patterns on the property, and can they open up to the outdoors? These are real questions that we must ask and we do as part of our ADU design service. We have to consider how the landscape will be viewed and how the accessory dwelling units design and location complement the rest of the property. It’s very important to consider all of the impact that this ADU will have on your home and the environment surrounding it, so speaking to an expert here will be the best start to ensure that you get the exact style of design that you want for your ADU.

ADU Designs

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At John Christopher Construction we start our ADU design process by having a good conversation with you – our client! We talk about style, materiality, aesthetics and more. We need to understand your style and create an ADU design that is closely aligned with your taste. We need to ensure that you are happy with the outcome and to accomplish this goal we want to get to you and your real estate. We need to know what you like and what you don’t like so that we can make sure that your dream design is what we bring to the table. You’ll be able to see our portfolio and read our reviews and testimonials of our previous customers. We come with great references and a great reputation.

We want to ensure that you get the style that you need and if there is any specific regional material that is needed then we want to let you know about those as well. Talking to experts today gets you started!