If you’re looking for licensed Orange County general contractors with tremendous experience in the commercial realm, you’re in the right place. John Christopher Construction offers a variety of contract architectural planning and building services for companies throughout the local area. And we can help you too.

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As licensed contractors, we’re able to help you with the following services in Orange County:

Commercial Concrete

Commercial Concrete ServiceCommercial concrete is a vital service for any business looking to create additional space. It allows you to get the most out of your existing premises, which is especially important if your company is growing.

Concrete is a vital component of commercial construction. Structural concrete contractors lay new foundations, repair existing ones, and increase outdoor space. With a strong foundation in place, you provide your buildings with the rigidity and support that they need to stand the test of time. It is the bedrock on which you construct everything else.

Structural concrete is essential whenever you decide to upgrade or remodel an office. It lets you expand our existing space and helps to make any unused areas more practical. It is also crucial during commercial refits to improve the working environment.

Retailers also stand to benefit massively from structural concrete work. Stores need to provide customers with beautiful, gleaming entryways that encourage them to come inside. But you can only create stunning lobbies and shop fronts with quality concrete structural work backing it all up. As your structural engineers, we work closely with you to use concrete in a way that will have maximum impact on passing trade.

Commercial Framing

As commercial framing contractors, we help you optimize your space by repositioning interior walls. The process involves installing wooden supports to mark the new position of the wall, and then providing routes through which to run your electrics and plumbing safely.

Framing is great because it lets you adjust your spaces on the fly. If you’re not happy with the current layout of your office or business premises, you can use our services to change rooms, open up new spaces, and close others off. When you work with us, we place you firmly in control. We follow your brief precisely, ensuring that we address the needs of all the stakeholders in your organization.

We also take your budget very seriously. Our comprehensive interior remodeling solutions incorporate the total cost associated with building out new walls, so you don’t wind up having to work with multiple contractors. We do all of it in-house.

Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician ServiceWhen farming out the architectural building process, you ideally want contractors who can provide commercial electrician services in-house. With John Christopher Construction, that’s precisely what you get. Our licensed professionals work in tandem with your project, offering their services when you need them, thereby avoiding delays in your architectural construction project.

At John Christopher Construction, we have a strict vetting process for taking new people onboard. All our professional electricians come fully qualified and with all the relevant licenses and experience. We never cut corners when it comes to hiring.

Because of our attention to detail and high standards, we’ve helped countless firms in the Orange County area build-out exceptional electrical systems for their premises. We’ve also helped firms reconfigure their existing layouts for office and retail space remodels, saving time and money.

When it comes to commercial electrician services, our experience is second to none. We’ve spent years in the industry, plying our trade. Try us yourself, and see how our claims match our skills. We always do quality work for our clients.

Commercial Plumbing

Getting commercial plumbing right the first time around is a challenge because of how complex it can be. Fortunately, John Christopher Construction have tremendous experience in building out and reconfiguring commercial plumbing solutions. And because we’re a general contractor, our plumbing services come bundled with our building projects – no need to go to outside firms.

Most companies would rather deal with a single organization for all their commercial contracting needs, instead of continually searching for local professionals who may or may not be available. Our plumbing services eliminate admin costs, providing plumbing services, as and when your project warrants them.

Just like our electricians, our plumbers must go through a strict vetting process. We only supply licensed plumbers able to carry out work on commercial projects. And we ensure that each member of our team has the necessary skills and experience they need before taking on a project. We pride ourselves on not only providing excellent service but also going above and beyond. We work closely within your budget, keeping costs down. You always know where you stand with our commercial plumbing services.

Why You Should Consider General Contracting Services

Going to different agencies for architectural contractors, permitting, concrete work, plumbing, electrical work, architectural design, and remodeling is a massive overhead. You spend all your time calling up various firms and trying to get them all to work together. Soon, it becomes a logistical nightmare.

That’s why we like to do things differently. Instead of farming out services, we bring everything you need for your projects in-house, no matter how large or small. Remember, we can manage your project from start to finish, taking care of everything from the initial planning to the final construction. If you need to shift the position of walls on your commercial premises, for instance, we do the whole lot. Our contractors get to work moving the wall, installing the new plumbing, and rewiring the electrics. The same goes if you want a store or office refit. As general contractors, we do the whole lot in-house – there’s no need to go to anyone else.

This comprehensive approach means that we’re able to deliver on time with minimal disruption. Thus, when you choose us, you’re better able to avoid dreaded downtime and keep your doors open for longer.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re planning a commercial building project or renovation, get in touch with our team today to find out more.