House flipping has become a highly profitable option for amateur and experienced investors alike. Discover how we can help you as house flipping contractors.

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If you’re looking for a house flipping contractor to ensure that a property you have purchased is ready for the market or in the right condition for future tenants, then we are here to help. At John Christopher Construction, we strive to deliver the service that you can trust at the value you need. With years of experience on the market and expertise in every type of home maintenance and repair solution, we’re confident that we can provide the full support that you need.

Specialized House Flipping Contractors

More than 2% of homes sold in the US are flipped, but it’s important to realize that they are not all successful ventures. If you make mistakes with this type of investment it’s easy to lose money, miss out on a huge ROI and end up with a money pit. That’s where we come in. As professional home flipping contractors, we provide assistance and support during some of the crucial steps of this investment strategy. That includes ensuring that any problems with your home can be corrected and repaired within the right time frame.

As reputable house flipping contractors, we understand the longer it takes to get your home in the right condition, the less money you are likely to make. That’s why we aim to complete any work required to the specific deadline that we agree with you. Of course, it’s also important to keep the costs at the right level. As trusted general contractors, we can provide all our services at a fantastic value to ensure that you don’t miss out on a solid ROI for your flipped property.

Choose Us Whether You’re Flipping It Out Or Renting A Home To Tenants

Flipping Renting Home ContractorsThere are two ways to utilize an investment property. You can either flip it and sell it on the market or renovate it and rent it out to potential clients. As reputable tenant improvement contractors, we’re equipped to help with both requirements. We can ensure that the property is appealing to potential buyers or guarantee that tenants will want to pay a high price to rent out your home.

What Services Can We Offer?

Using our investment property services, you can benefit from the wide range of solutions that we offer. We aim to be the only solution you need to ensure that your flipped property is ready for the market.

Expert Repairs

One of the most cost-effective ways to flip a property is to invest in a home that has seen better days and then complete the necessary repairs to get it up to code while improving the aesthetics. The repairs needed could include faults with the electrics or the plumbing. As fully licensed contractors.

Our licensed electricians will ensure that all the electrics in a property are working correctly and there is no issue with the wiring. Do be aware that getting the electrics wrong when renovating a property can cause a fire hazard, potentially leaving you liable. We won’t let this happen.

Similarly, our licensed plumbers can also repair and correct any issues with the pipes around your investment property. This could include pipes that are shot or have been damaged due to wear and tear.

Incredible Renovations

As well as completing repairs, to increase the value of a flipped property, it is often necessary to renovate or remodel. To do this, you need to use the right professional service. It is essential that any additional areas or features that you add to the property match the right quality standards.

As wall framing contractors we can help you complete full kitchen expansions or even room additions. We know that the right change here can add as much as 20% onto the original evaluation of the property, providing you with a sizable ROI. There are numerous elements that will be required for the successful completion of a home renovation. Whether you are exploring room additions or a simple bathroom remodeling service can handle everything for you and guarantee that the final result leaves you 100% satisfied with your investment property.

Why Choose Our Solution?

House Flipping Incredible RenovationsAs trusted and qualified home remodel contractors, we can guarantee a simple, hands-off, straightforward experience when renovating your investment property. We will also work to provide a high-value service every step of the way so that you can maximize your investment. In the past, we have worked with investors flipping their first home and seasoned property flippers who needed work completed ASAP! Whether you are new to the game or need to find home addition contractors that you can use for multiple properties, we’re ready to assist you.

By speaking to a member of our team, you can learn more about our full range of services as an ADU contractor Orange county investors can trust. This includes rough carpentry as well as providing the work necessary for a complete home extension.

Get Expert Advice

Some property investors know exactly what work they need completing on their homes. However, this isn’t always the case and if you are familiar with this investment market, we’re here to help. We can provide advice on the right bathroom additions that a home needs. Alternatively, as expert concrete contractors, we can also inform you about whether a property needs any significant structural concrete work and maintenance.

We aim to deliver a complete and comprehensive service to property investments. As well as providing expert solutions, we can also offer the benefits of our years of experience on the market. In doing so, we can help you troubleshoot any issues and ensure that you don’t stumble into the common pitfalls when renovating an investment property.

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