Are you on the hunt for handyman services in Orange County California? Whether you need assistance with hanging shelves or installing new towel rails or you have a major home or office renovation or remodel project in mind, call John Christopher Construction. Specializing in commercial and residential handyman services in Orange County CA, John Christopher Construction takes on jobs of all scales and sizes, providing an extensive array of OC plumbing services, general repairs, home remodeling, and OC electrical services.

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Licensed contractor for remodeling homes and offices

Are you looking to revamp your home, are you buying to let, or are you keen to upgrade your business premises and update your office space? John Christopher Construction has extensive experience in home and office remodels in addition to tenant improvement services. If you own a property, and your tenants have recently moved out, or you have a new tenant coming in, John Christopher Construction can take care of everything from a total move in remodel to general repairs and maintenance. Offering a vast array of services to cover properties of all kinds, including residential houses and apartments and commercial buildings, this OC handyman has experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and full-scale renovation.

General repair

If you own a home or a commercial property, and you require general repair services, John Christopher Construction has got you covered. The expert team, which boasts several years of experience, covers every repair job imaginable, offering an efficient, affordable service in the heart of the OC. Repair services include:

  • Towel bar repair
  • Drywall repair
  • Cabinet repair
  • Exterior wood trim
  • Exterior fascia
  • Door knob repair
  • Toilet repair
  • Door repair
  • Faucet repair
  • Baseboard repair
  • Gate repair
  • Fence repairGeneral Repair Fence Repair
  • Flooring repair
  • Under sink cabinet base repair
  • Cabinet knob/pull repair
  • Appliance repair
  • Tile repair
  • Drain repair
  • Shower/tub valve repair
  • Tub reglazing
  • Shower reglazing
  • Sink reglazing
  • Re-silicon tub/shower
  • Re-silicon sink
  • Re-caulk toilet
  • Re-caulk windows
  • Deck repair

John Christopher Construction also provides a swift, seamless problem-solving service to electrical troubleshooting and identify solutions for faulty or broken appliances or systems. For those experiencing issues with plumbing, this OC handyman also offers rapid plumbing troubleshooting. If there are issues, and work is required, your handyman will explain exactly what is wrong, outline the potential solutions and explain more about the costs and expected timeframe so that you’re aware of how much the repair work will cost and how long it will take.

General install

Whether you’re moving house, you’re relocating to a new office, or you’ve decided to redecorate or renovate your home, John Christopher Construction provides all the installation services you could possibly need. From adding towel bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders and shower doors to fitting dog and cat doors, hanging mirrors and installing TV mounts, no job is too big or too small. Additional general installation services include:

Home Window Install

  • Fitting interior door knobs and exterior door knobs
  • Air gap
  • Door stops
  • Hanging blinds, pictures, mirrors, curtain rods and shelves
  • Installing a thermostat
  • Door bells
  • Adding handicap bars
  • Fitting a smoke detector and CO2 detectors
  • Toilet seats, silicon tubs and showers
  • Sliding glass door handle
  • Mailbox
  • Door thresholds
  • Garbage disposals
  • Water heater straps
  • A/C vent cover
  • Baseboard replacement
  • Door trim replacement
  • Cabinets, cabinet knobs and pulls, cabinet doors
  • Appliances
  • Countertops

Additional handyman services

Additional services provided by John Christopher Construction include:

Painting: if you need a few walls freshening up, or you’re planning an interior makeover, John Christopher Construction will take care of all your painting needs. Painting services cover residential and commercial buildings and include exterior and interior walls and doors, furniture, wood staining and wallpaper removal.

Assembly: don’t worry if you don’t have the time to build or assemble new furniture. John Christopher Construction offers rapid, hassle-free assembly services. If you’ve got an office full of chairs and desks in pieces and parts, or you need storage racks or cabinets putting together, you’ve come to the right place.

Cleaning: whether you’re interested in residential or commercial cleaning services, John Christopher Construction is the company for the job. You can trust the experienced team to leave your home or office looking spotless. Cleaning services include:

  • Power wash exterior cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Cleaning fans and chandeliers

Why choose John Christopher Construction?

An experienced provider of residential handyman services and office space licensed contractor services in Orange County CA, John Christopher Construction is a one-stop-shop for all your remodeling, renovation, repair and redecoration needs. Covering the OC and offering a broad spectrum of repair, installation, cleaning, maintenance, electrical, plumbing and painting services, John Christopher Construction can take on any job. From minor repairs to full-scale remodels, the team has expertise in dealing with domestic and commercial projects all over the region.

John Christopher Construction understands the importance of being able to trust contractors, and over the years, the team has established a reputation based on professionalism and reliability. Every job is undertaken with care and attention to detail, and clients can also benefit from a personalized service. Every customer is unique and the expert team will work with you to identify solutions, conjure up ideas and create plans that suit your needs, preferences and budget. Inviting people into your home is a big step for many, and you can trust John Christopher Construction to treat your home with the utmost respect. Experienced, knowledgeable, skilled individuals work as efficiently and tidily as possible.

Affordability is key when it comes to finding Orange County California handyman services, and John Christopher Construction prides itself on delivering outstanding results at prices you can afford. The pricing policy is transparent, and clients will be made aware of the cost before work commences.

How can I find out more?

If you’ve got a bathroom that needs some TLC, your office needs a fresh coat of paint, or you’re planning to install a new kitchen, and you need help, why not get in touch and find out more about the services provided by John Christopher Construction? Call now on (949) 216-5858 or request a callback online.