Are you planning to make bathroom improvements at your home or business in Orange County, CA? If so, you probably have a vision of how you would like the finished bathroom remodel to look when it is completed. Bathrooms are such an essential part of any home or business. You need a bathroom that not only works on a functional level with a high standard of quality; you also need it to look stylish and attractive—achieving each of these starts with choosing the best contractor for the job.

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When having work carried out at your residential property or business premises, you must choose a contractor that you can trust to perform the job to the highest standard. This is where we, at John Christopher Construction, can help. We have years of experience as Bathroom remodeling contractors, so if you are looking for a handyman that can provide a Frameless Glass Shower Door Installation service that you can rely upon, we are the people to call.

Choose Custom Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Glass Shower InstallationWeighing up your options and deciding which fixtures and fittings you want to feature in your bathroom can be difficult, as there is so much choice available. But, if you want your shower to look sleek and modern, then a custom frameless glass shower door is an ideal choice.

Frameless glass shower doors have many benefits, but one of the biggest features of choosing one is the attractiveness of the design. A frameless shower door has a sleek appearance as it does not require the metal frame used in traditional shower door designs. The absence of the metal frame gives the shower door a modern, minimalist look to provide a high-end finish.

From a practical point of view, frameless glass shower doors not only look great but are also super easy to clean, as you don’t have to worry about trying to wipe around the metal frame.

Having a custom-made frameless shower door installed in your home will ensure that you get a door that perfectly fits your space and looks great too.

Commercial Frameless Glass Shower Door Installation in Orange County, CA

At John Christopher Construction, we carry out many plumbing jobs, and bathroom remodels for our commercial clients. Performing work for landlords is a big part of our work, and we have a vast amount of experience as Commercial tenant improvement contractors. We help landlords to improve their rental properties with Commercial tenant improvement remodels to help add value to their properties and to improve their marketability. If you are considering Commercial apartment remodels on your rental properties, then we can help you every step of the way, from adding bathrooms to installing new glass shower doors.

As well as working with landlords to improve their rental properties, we also work as Hotel remodeling contractors. We understand how important it is for hotels to achieve a high-end look to impress their guests, which is why we take great pride in offering a full range of bathroom repair and remodeling services for our commercial customers. We will work with you to provide custom-made frameless glass shower doors that meet your exact requirements and can even carry out every stage of a bathroom remodel project.

We love to work with our commercial clients to help create bathroom remodels that perfectly suit their requirements and help to enhance their businesses.

Residential Frameless Glass Shower Door Contractors in Orange County, CA

Along with working as a trusted Plumber and bathroom remodel contractor in Orange County for our commercial clients, we frequently work on residential properties too.

Using our skills and experience, we can work with you to create the bathroom of your dreams. Whether you are contacting us because you are looking for Bathroom addition contractors to build an entirely new bathroom for your home or need a custom-made frameless glass shower door to be fitted, we can help. We will complete your project to the highest standard to ensure that it exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose John Christopher Construction for Your Frameless Glass Shower Door Installation?

Frameless Glass Shower Installation ServiceAt John Christopher Construction, we pride ourselves on the standard of work that we produce and always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.

As both commercial and residential contractors, we can service the needs of customers from all walks of life and offer the highest standard of quality and customer service to every one of our clients.

Our customers trust us to deliver a high standard of finish to every job that we work on and to provide a reliable service; this is why our customers are happy to return to us again and again for all their residential and commercial handyman needs. Our testimonials speak for themselves, which is why so many of our clients recommend us and refer others to use our service.

Our team at John Christopher Construction offers a super convenient service as we are able to help with every stage of your bathroom remodel. Whether you want help with a specific aspect of your project, such as your shower door installation, or a complete service that handles the entire remodel process from demolition through to plumbing in the final fixtures, we can help.

Here at John Christopher Construction, we have years of experience as remodeling contractors working on projects just like yours. This high level of experience means that we are well-equipped to handle bathroom remodel projects of all sizes for both commercial and residential customers.

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Get in touch with John Christopher Construction today for all your plumbing and bathroom remodel needs. Our extensive range of plumbing and bathroom services means we can help you with everything from troubleshooting plumbing problems through to bathroom demolition and bathroom additions. So whether you need a new custom frameless glass shower door installation or an entirely new bathroom, here at John Christopher Construction, we can help. Call John Christopher Construction today at (949) 216-5858 for all your bathroom and plumbing needs in Orange County, CA.