If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable, and versatile construction company based in Orange County, you’ve come to the right place. The Orange County builders at John Christopher Construction provide residential and commercial property construction services to cover all of your construction service needs.

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We deliver commercial construction services and general contractors, so our team can handle any construction work you require. Our general contractors are experts in all the necessary trades to ensure a professional and reliable outcome. View our reviews for additional insight.

Commercial and Residential General Contractors

Orange County Construction ServicesDepending on what kind of project you’re considering, you may need a commercial or residential general contractor. Commercial general contractors are essential in managing larger commercial work sites than residential projects, especially those spread out over multiple locations. Commercial building projects can be anything from a new hotel or office building to installing new equipment and facilities at an existing hospital.

In contrast, residential general contractors are general contractors who specialize in building homes and other residential buildings. Residential general contractors often collaborate with architects and designers on residential projects. At John Christopher Construction, we are architects, designers and builders all inhouse.

We will ensure that the construction work is completed without you needing to worry. General contractors can help supervise environmental issues, manage budgets, and schedule resources, including labor and materials. They can also be responsible for maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring all work is done by the book.

Potential Construction Ideas

A project you might want to consider is for your office space. An office space contractor is a commercial contractor who specializes in constructing the office space of a business or commercial building. This may include forming a new office space or renovating an existing space. In addition, they may manage the planning and scheduling of the project and deal with the contractor subcontractors who specialize in the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work needed to complete the office space.

Other work you may want to consider is medical office commercial construction which could mean building a new section to your medical office within a building or renovating an existing office. Due to the sensitive equipment often present in such rooms like this, then highly trained and professional contractors are necessary. For a medical office, you may also want to consider new plumbing or electricity to ensure the room is as clean and safe as possible. A medical room could be for a school, a gym, or even an office.

You may also want to consider Orange County Builders if you rent out properties. In that case, commercial tenant improvement is also necessary to allow your tenants the very highest quality of living as well as keep your property up to date, safe and stylish. With our team, you know that whatever construction work needs to be completed will be achieved in a timely, cost efficient manner that fits your exact needs.

Orange County Construction ServicesIf you are considering a commercial project, then commercial concrete construction is also something that we provide. Concrete is a highly versatile and sturdy tool in construction to guarantee long lasting building work. When you’re looking into OC construction, then you may require concrete for whatever you have planned.

Whatever the need is for a commercial construction project, we are there to make sure your every wish and vision is met with minimal hassle. The possibilities range from new office space to revamping tenants’ houses to establishing a new medical room within your building.

Remodeling Your Home

In Orange County we are the home remodeling contractors that you need to spruce up your home. Remodeling can be minor, such as installing new flooring but it can be more involved, like completely redoing your kitchen or bathroom and even adding a second story. You could decide to keep the remodel to a single room or go forward with redoing a whole floor. Remodeling your home can brighten your mood and drastically increase the resale value of your house, so don’t hesitate to make your remodeling dreams a reality.

Orange County Construction ServicesIf you’re looking for a change that doesn’t affect your current building, then new build outs may be the way forward. This means that your OC builder will construct a new structure or space that is not a part of an existing building. For example, new build outs could mean a new office building in your garden to allow you a space to work from home.

If you want to establish a new structure, we can provide the wall framing contractors who specialize in building walls, including studs and floor joists. There are various wall types to choose from, but we’re committed to delivering the right fit for you and your specific project.

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We are here to make your construction dreams a reality. Whatever the project or specialty needed, our team can help take a weight off your mind with their expertise and skills. Let them take on the day to day of managing the team, schedule, and budget as you focus on your building project’s design and overall outcome. Whether you’re looking into a large commercial construction project or a simple housing remodel, our construction services will help and guide you every step.

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