If you’re searching for a great concrete team, we would like to win you over with our case studies and professional manner. We have worked on many projects, from building a family home, to commercial office buildings that require expert skills to complete. Our team consists of skilled and talented workers, who know their way around rough carpentry, are commercial electricians and plumbing contractors for commercial clients. Concrete is becoming more and more complex, as the need for limited waste is being required by clients and government authorities alike.

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Building a home?

Concrete Slab Contractors ServiceWe know that building a home must start from the ground up. So building a great foundation for the rest of the home to stand up on, is the vital key to making a home that will last. If you want longevity and sturdiness, then we are the concrete slab contractors that you should contact right away. We are C-5 framing contractors, so we can build strong walls that stand in steel girders which are placed in the concrete foundation. The steel will support the rough carpentry and the concrete that we pour will support the girder. As Rough Carpentry Contractors, we can make the home’s frame from scratch, but also, we set the concrete ourselves. Many home contractors will actually call in concrete experts for the foundation and then build on top, but we remove this disconnection. We know what kind of concrete is needed in terms of viscosity, mixture and thickness for the type of Wall Framing Construction that has been decided.

Warehouse needs

Where concrete really comes into its own is in warehouses. Think about it. Hundreds if not thousands of tons of products will be stored on stack racks, so you need the floor to be incredibly tough. We specialize in warehouse remodel projects, warehouse conversion and of course, the concrete foundation. We will work closely with you and go through your warehouse floor plan. Then we will form our plan that shall integrate into the design requirements for the warehouse. As Commercial Licensed Contractors we have experience in building warehouses of all sizes, with different designs, materials and styles.

Production plants

Whether you’re an automobile brand or a metal machinery company, we can build production plants of all sizes and designs. As expert commercial electricians, we can not only design your wiring plan but also incorporate key structural concrete that will play multiple roles. They will not just be for support, but also, harbor important wires that power tools, robots and amenities such as cafeterias and bathrooms.

The complex roof and ceiling structures will need to be keenly wired, so that there is no danger of active wires becoming loose, hanging down and potentially, harming your employees. However, production plants also have many small offices that are dotted around the floor. Managers need these offices right by the production line so they can attend to any issues that may arise. But they also need computers which are hooked to your network and IT infrastructure. So we will design the areas where servers and internet routers are harbored in such a way they will be protected and also, easily accessed.

Commercial Concrete Contractors

Concrete Slab Contractors ServicesWe are Commercial Construction experts with the skills you require to start your project from the ground up. Not only will we lay the foundations but also, as Commercial plumbing contractors, we will lay the piping to your design. We can begin working on rooms as we’re also Commercial Carpentry Contractors. Creating the framing of each floor, room, office, etc, is our bread and butter.

We’ll move onto the internal structures and support columns which will harbor the IT infrastructure such as fuse boxes, servers and security panels, etc. We keep in mind that the bottom floors might be used for residents parking their vehicles or perhaps, offices receiving deliveries such as furniture or equipment. So, we make sure that the concrete floor is treated so it’s smooth, has a nice sheen to it and will support heavy-duty vehicles as well as the average family car.

Aside from the foundations

Aside from the basics that we offer, we work and have worked with clients who require specifics. This includes things such as the following.

  • Electrical wiring for roof solar panels and lithium battery units that store the energy that is collected.
  • Car park lighting, that is both modern and reliable. This means that sensors must be fitted, the lights must be evenly spaced for light every corner and also be somewhat natural disaster-proof, i.e. earthquakes and floods etc.
  • Emergency lighting. If there is a fire that breaks out and the wiring is damaged, independent fail-safe emergency wiring is activated. This ensures that exit signs and fire alarms continue to operate, as well as feed power to sprinkler systems.
  • Additional floor support. Maybe you are a homeowner that has built a garage on a foundation that wasn’t really designed for that kind of structure. We can assess the situation and provide your garage with additional support and make the property safe and strong.

Our experience speaks for itself as working for many high profile clients locally and nationwide, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about our profession. Feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or start the ball rolling on your next great project!