We’re licensed general contractors specializing in a range of services around the Irvine area, including office renovations and configurations. With many years of experience, we’re the perfect office contractors to help with your next project. All of our services are built around your needs, delivering an experience that always leaves you satisfied.

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Interior Design Contractors for Offices

Interior Design Contractors for OfficesWe’ve worked with clients on a range of different office projects that have left them incredibly happy. As leading office remodel contractors in Irvine, we have a wealth of experience transforming your workspace into something more attractive and productive. We can help you with every single aspect of your office renovation, providing the following services:

Ceiling Contractors

Office ceiling is important for various reasons, and we ensure that you have the perfect one installed in your workplace. This includes adding lighting fixtures or any other additions, giving you a ceiling that works for you.

Flooring contractors

The right commercial flooring makes a difference in a busy office space. You need something that can withstand food traffic while reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. We’re more than qualified to use our expertise to help you find and install the floor of your dreams.

Wall Framing & Drywall Installation

As general contractors, we’re able to conduct wall framing in your office, giving you the ideal office space. We also provide drywall installation, with both services letting you remodel and reconfigure your office however you like.

Electrical Upgrades & Reconfigurations

We have licensed electricians on our team that can carry out all the electrical upgrades and installations your office requires. This includes installing new lighting, setting up new equipment, and much more.

Plumbing Contractors

Additionally, our expertise extends to plumbing! If you need new bathroom installations in your office, we’re more than happy to oblige. Anything that requires the assistance of a plumber can be taken care of by our team as part of your office remodel.


Fancy jazzing up your new office with some fine paintwork on the walls? Our talented commercial painters can add a splash of color to your office, improving the way it looks and feels. This can help boost employee morale and wow any clients that drop by.

HVAC Services

Irvine Office HVAC ServicesManaging the office temperature is essential to maintain productivity. Being too hot or too cold is not conducive to an effective team atmosphere. Instead, as office space contractors we offer HVAC services to take care of everything. From maintenance and repairs to new installations; we’ve got you covered.

Concrete Contractors

Our team is also fully licensed to provide concrete services. If the outside of your office needs sprucing up, or you need help with any concrete inside, we’re the ones to call.

All of these services are available as part of our new office configuration service. You can pick and choose what you need us to do, but rest assured we will do everything to the highest standard.

Post-COVID 19 Office Configurations

As new office configuration contractors, we strive to keep our services updated and relevant. We are happy to announce that our team can provide you with post-COVID 19 solutions for your office. The business world has changed dramatically during the pandemic, with a series of restrictions and guidelines put in place for you to follow. Therefore, your office space needs to meet these guidelines to show that you are taking everything seriously.

With the help of some experienced business remodel contractors, you can configure your office to adapt to post-COVID 19 life. This includes setting up your office so desks are more spaced apart and improving the ventilation and air quality inside. Every little thing is done in accordance with government guidelines to ensure that your business is a safe place to work.

Transform Your Office With A Remodel

Your office might look nice, but have you ever thought it could look better? Our office space contractors can help you transform your workplace into something truly special. We’ll help you remodel your office interior, making it look far better than ever before. Our team has taken old and outdated offices, turning them into modern and chic places to work. We bring your business into the 21st Century, improving your reputation at the same time.

Going to work in a nicer office is better for everyone. Employees will feel more motivated to come to work, and everyone will have a smile on their faces. Not only that but a new office configuration is proven to help improve efficiency and productivity at work. People focus better when the environment is perfectly configured, meaning more work will get done. We can help you achieve that, and it all starts with a consultation.

Why Choose Us?

We aren’t the only office contractors in Irvine, California, so why should you choose us? We firmly believe that we’re in a unique position to offer a service that goes above and beyond what’s expected:

  • A diverse range of services under one roof – Our office remodel services combine a range of different services all under one roof. Instead of having multiple companies work on your reconfiguration, you only have one! This makes life easier – not to mention more affordable.
  • Years of experience – We have years of experience behind us, and multiple clients to boot. We know exactly what it takes to deliver a service that leaves you happy!
  • Knowledge & expertise – Our team is full of qualified and licensed general contractors that are experts in their fields. This level of expertise lets us stay on top of all the current trends, delivering services that pack a punch.
  • Outstanding reputation – Our history speaks for itself! We’ve built up a reputation over the years for our impeccable office remodel services in the Irvine area. Don’t just take our word for it, look at what our previous clients have to say!

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