John Christopher Construction is an experienced commercial flooring contractor in Orange County, California, able to carry out all aspects of commercial flooring installation from start to finish. Whether you’re looking for polished concrete for a new warehouse or carpeting for an office, we can help.

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John Christopher Construction Commercial Flooring

While we sell bespoke commercial flooring services, our expertise in construction enables us to offer more comprehensive options than standard services. For example, we can provide flooring as part of a service package or individually.

For example, whenever you request flooring services from us, our team of commercial general contractors can help you plan and design the new installation. Plumbers, builders, and electricians can find ways to integrate your chosen products into the rest of the building’s design to ensure that everything works seamlessly.

We can also combine services.  For example, we can lay foundational concrete to support our industrial flooring solutions or provide demolition and renovation alongside new office remodel flooring. Even if changing your flooring requires swapping out pipes or moving circuits, we can help.

Finally, as general service contractors, we can do additional jobs besides laying indoor and outdoor flooring. This fact means you don’t need to arrange third-party services.

Our Commercial Flooring Services

John Christopher Construction offers multiple commercial flooring services for various applications.

jcc commercial flooring contractors polished concretePolished and Glazed Concrete

Polished and glazed concrete is for various high-traffic areas, including airports, warehouses, retail units, and commercial kitchens. It is attractive and ultra-hard-wearing.

Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial floor coatings are additions to your existing flooring to make it last longer. For example, epoxy floor coatings offer superior hardness and are available in various colors to improve the flooring’s appearance.

Building Expansion Flooring

Building expansion flooring is a flooring type containing materials that allow for building expansion to prevent cracking and damage in high-traffic areas.

Special Design Flooring

Special design flooring is highly customizable flooring that lets you design floors to your brand’s style and preferences. Add decorative strips, markings, bays, and other features.

New Construction Flooring

New construction flooring is for commercial builds requiring durable, robust flooring for future operations.

Hardwood Flooring

Finally, we offer various hardwood flooring options in conjunction with other building services. As home addition contractors, we have ample experience using wood for apartment remodels. Now, we are bringing this expertise to commercial remodels.

Who Can Benefit From Our Commercial Flooring Services?

jcc commercial flooring contractors gym floorRegardless of what your business does, you can benefit from our building flooring services. We serve firms representing a range of industries, from banks to barbers.

For example, our services are popular among commercial developers for rental property renovation. As apartment remodel contractors, we can dramatically improve units’ flooring (and other features) on request.

Many commercial tenant improvement contractors specialize in flooring only. However, we can integrate any installation into a broader renovation, improving efficiency.

We also work with the hospitality sector, offering restaurant flooring. Wall framing and concrete installation help firms meet their operational and regulatory requirements.

Why Choose Us?

As commercial flooring and multi-family building renovation contractors, we’re proud of the work we do. But why should you choose us, specifically?

  • Comprehensive solutions. John Christopher Constructions offers a broad array of complementary building services, such as laying new concrete, to make your indoor flooring project more seamless. With us, you can avoid hiring and arranging multiple contractors.
  • Professional skills. John Christopher has been involved in hundreds of commercial flooring projects and has tremendous experience in meeting the requirements of any project. Whether you need a rental property remodel contractor or concrete installation experts for a new manufacturing facility, choose us.
  • Years of experience. John Christopher has also been installing commercial flooring for decades. Our team has an intimate understanding of industry requirements and how to design solutions to meet them.
  • Excellent reputation. The majority of our business customers come from references and word-of-mouth. Companies trust us in Orange County, CA, to provide high-spec solutions that meet rigorous standards. We’ve completed hundreds of floor projects successfully, even on complex and challenging sites.
  • Maintenance services are available. Finally, John Christopher offers various maintenance contracts to keep floors in good condition long-term. Our team can assist with concrete, hardwood, and carpeted floors in commercial settings.

If you want more information about our commercial flooring products or need a quote, talk to a team member today. We will provide you with an estimate and discuss your precise requirements.